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PS4 Remote Play is now available on a number of iOS devices and fans are now hoping for a much bigger expansion for Remote Play on Android in 2019.

Today’s PS4 6.50 update has made it possible to play games on iOS devices, a great new feature for fans who own a compatible iPhone or iPad.

For those that don’t know, Remote Play is a feature that can be used through an app on compatible mobile phones, PC, Mac, PlayStation TV and PS Vita devices.

It makes it possible to stream your PS4 games to those devices using high-speed internet, treating them as a second screen.

It’s pretty easy to setup and just requires fans to enable it on their PS4 via the settings page and also to think about whether to use their Dualshock Controller as a Bluetooth device.

Console owners should also allow Remote Play to start when PS4 is in Rest Mode and to double check that their PS4 is the primary console.

But now that PS4 Remote Play has reached iOS, fans want to see it expanded on Android devices too.

To download Remote Play on iOS devices, you need to get the official App from the Apple Store.

Android users can also download this app, but there is a huge limitation on which devices are compatible.

For now, PS4 Remote Play is only available on Xperia Z3 – Z2 and Premium smartphones and tablets.

From what fans have posted online, the Remote Play App can run on most high-end Android devices, but Sony has decided to limit access to just its own phones.

“The app works on all android devices they just lock out all non-Sony devices, but yet they allow iOS devices and PCs to all do remote play. It doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense,” one user writes on Reddit.

“I really hope this means a release for all Android phones may be coming.”

Another user writes: “They probably focused on IOS because it is by far the most popular smartphone in Japan and I believe these apps are made by the Japanese branch of PlayStation. That and mobile gaming is also quite popular in Japan.

So is there any hope that Sony might change their mind in the future and open up PS4 Remote Play to all Android devices?

So far there has been no word on this becoming an option, although if fans raise their concerns, there is always the chance things could change in the future.

Here’s more from Sony on the limitation of PS4 Remote Play when it comes to the PS4 Pro console:

“You can’t remotely play games in 4K from your PS4 Pro system, but up to 1080p may be available depending on hardware and bandwidth limitations.

“This is limited to 720p on standard PS4 systems.

“If you’d like to use 1080p (30fps) for Remote Play, your broadband will need to be at least 15Mbps whether broadcasting or receiving.

“However, your PS4 Pro will adapt streaming quality to take changes in broadband speed into account to maximise gameplay stability.”

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