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gamers looking for something new to do this weekend can download one of the best PlayStation shooters for free.

It hasn’t been long since Sony launched the latest roster of PS Plus free games, all of which will remain available until early April.

But as an added bonus for everyone who owns a PS4, Sony has made the excellent Rainbow Six Siege free to download.

Part of a new game trial pack from Sony, R6 is available for free right now on the PlayStation Store.

And fans should have a couple of days of playtime to enjoy the shooter as the free trial is set to run until Monday.

Rainbow Six Siege has been available to try out for free since Thursday and will remain available to play until Monday, February 18, at 2pm.

And one of the big things about this latest PS4 free games trial is that R6 can be played whether you have a PS Plus subscription, or not.

It has also been announced that anybody who decides to pick up the full release can do so at a reduced price.

For this free weekend, gamers who want to pick up a full copy of R6 can enjoy 60% off on the new editions of the game.

Plus, Ubisoft has announced that any progress made will carry on if you decide to purchase the full version of the game.

“During the Free Weekend, you will be able to play our three multiplayer game modes – Bomb, Hostage and Secure Area – on a variety of different maps. Play to unlock our 20 iconic legacy Operators, each with a unique ability and playstyle, gather your friends, and experience a fresh take on tactical shooters,” a message from Ubisoft confirms.

“On Defense, coordinate with your team to transform your environments into strongholds. Deploy traps, fortify and create defensive systems to deny the enemy entrance.

“On Attack, lead your team through narrow corridors, breach barricaded doorways and reinforced walls. Use observation drones, rappelling and more to plan, attack and defuse every situation.”

Rainbow Six Siege is entering Year 4 of its content cycle, which will start with Operation .

The new expansion will get a full reveal on February 17 via the official Rainbow Six Twitch Channel.

The latest season will also bring with it the brand new Outback map and two new Operators from the SASR to try out.

Ubisoft describes them as: “One’s a stoic Attacker who’s just there to get the job done, and the other is a quick-witted Defender who’s in it for the guts and glory.

“Two old mates from way back, they’ve signed up with Rainbow to bring a little Aussie know-how to the other side of the world.”

Last weekend also saw Sony offer fans the chance of playing Tetris Effect for free on PS4 and PSVR.

So it’s possible that Sony will continue to expand their free trial demo packs for PS4 gamers into the future.

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