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and gamers could see Titanfall Apex Legends – a free Titanfall battle royale game – revealed today by EA.

According to the latest rumours, the free-to-play Titanfall BR game will be revealed ahead of a release date on Monday February 4 2019.

It’s claimed the upcoming PS4 and Xbox One game will be a cross between Call of Duty Blackout and Rainbow Six Siege.

The claims about the new Titanfall game were revealed in a post online by YouTuber The Quartering.

It’s claimed that big name streamers such as Shroud and Dr DisRespect will announce the free-to-play Titanfall battle royale game today.

The upcoming EA game will allegedly see teams of three players battle it out against other teams with a maximum of 60 players in one match.

Each player in their team will have a specific role to balance things out.

It’s claimed the Titanfall BR game will come with micro-transactions and that in-game currency is easy to earn.

It’s believed that over five characters will be available at launch with two more Titanfall BR characters available to purchase using in-game currency.

It’s also believed that while the battle royale title is in the same universe as other Titanfall games, it will have a different feel to what’s come before it.

As always, with rumours it’s best to take them with a pinch of salt until official confirmation.

However, the claims do tally up with previous rumours that Respawn were working on a new Titanfall game for 2019.

Past rumours claimed Titanfall 3 was in the works for this year – so Titanfall BR could be the previously rumoured new Titanfall game.

Or, potentially, both Titanfall 3 and Titanfall battle royale could both be launching in 2019.

If Titanfall BR does launch on PS4 and Xbox One this month, it will mark a big February for EA.

This month EA are also launching BioWare’s highly anticipated new game Anthem.

Both titles releasing in the same month could put a big strain on EA servers, which last week suffered problems when the Anthem VIP demo launched.

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