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A new update has made it possible to catch Smeargle in Pokemon Go, a Pocket Monster that has been missing from the game for some time.

And unlike other Pokemon, Smeargle can only be caught using one method, something that Niantic only recently added to Android and iOS.

Pokemon Go Trainers are now confirming that to catch Smeargle, you need to use the game’s new Snapshot feature.

From what has been posted so far online, Smeargle will photobomb after you have snapped multiple pictures of your Pokemon.

This should happen in the gallery mode, however, some players are reporting issues with the game crashing after they have taken a lot of pictures.

It should be noted that to use the new Snapshot feature, some Trainers may need to have ARCore installed.

Downloading this feature may take a little while and will need to be completed before you can have access to Snapshot.

Having completed this action, players can then get on their way to catching Smeargle.


As mentioned above, Trainers can now select any Pokémon in their Pokémon collection to pose and take a picture of it with their camera.

Here’s the guide Niantic have posted, providing the steps needed to use the new feature.

It should be noted that Pokemon Go Snapshot is available to all Trainers above Level 5.

  1. Tap on the Pokémon you want to take a GO Snapshot of in your Pokémon Storage.
  2. Tap the camera icon in the upper-right corner.
  3. If you are using AR+, slowly pan your camera over a flat, open surface (like the ground or a tabletop). A shimmery effect with yellow footsteps will appear once your device has detected your environment.
  4. Tap on the shimmery effect to place your Pokémon on the flat surface.
  5. You can move around to find the best angles for your shot. Tap your Pokémon, and it will strike a pose. You can also brush your Pokémon to get its attention.
  6. Once ready, tap the camera icon to take your GO Snapshot. You can take multiple shots, and they are saved to your device’s memory.

Trainers are reporting that Smeargle will appear on the map after you have completed the Pokemon Go Snapshot encounter.

One successful Smeargle catcher writes: “I just spammed AR photos with three different pokemon before I got it to show up, after like two pics when I switched to a fourth.

“I would just take a few pics per pokemon then switch, some people think that just spamming AR pics won’t work. For mine, I got it on the second picture with a different pokemon.

“If Meltan from Mystery Boxes can be boosted, It might be safe to assume that Smeargle can as well.”

Some Trainers are reporting that Smeargle receives the moveset of the Pokemon it photobombed, however, this has not been confirmed by everyone who has had a successful encounter.

Here’s more from Niantic, who explains more about their new Snapshot feature: “In addition to a more convenient and simplified photo setup, Trainers will notice that the Pokémon that they take photos of have a sense of presence and weight to them.

“GO Snapshot utilizes new shadows for each Pokémon, displaying a sense of size and motion as they arrive into a scene. Scale is also key, and GO Snapshot will subtly guide Trainers to find the perfect setting for Pokémon of all sizes.”

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