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Pokemon Go Field Research Breakthroughs – one of 2018’s most exciting additions – will offer yet more opportunities in January. Pokemon Go players can complete daily Field Research Breakthrough challenges to contribute towards constantly-evolving rewards. While Special Research Quests give users the chance to uncover the chance to catch some of the game’s most elusive Pokemon.

It is the beginning of another month, meaning a new batch of Pokemon Go Field Research is available.

Completing this month’s Field Research Breakthroughs can lead to players landing Legendary Lugia and Ho-Oh Pokemon.

And this Pokemon pair are available in addition to six other Legendary creatures: Articuno, Entei, Moltres, Raikou, Suicune and Zapdos.

Players can take their time catching these creatures, as they until the end of February to hunt them down.

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Pokemon Go Research Quests explained:

Only the completion of Field Research Quest adds a daily stamp to your Research Breakthrough progress.

There is no limit to the number Field Research Quests that can be completed each day and you can also have several of the same Field Quests on simultaneously.

Research Quests encounters are only ever with Level 15 Pokemon, and there is a high likelihood of meeting Gen 4 creatures.

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A minority Special Research Quests are automatically completed simply by following their stipulations as they cannot be repeated.

Pokemon Go players can spin the same PokeStop for Stop-spinning quests, and Gym Discs and PokeStop Discs are identical for the purposes of the quests.

Players are not forced to view quests in the quest screen to complete it – ideal for those short of time.

Pokemon Go Plus can be used to collect quests from PokeStops as well as completing other objectives.

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Mystery Pokémon caught after completing certain Field Research Quests all possess identical high-end IV range as Egg and Gym Pokemon.

Catching mystery Pokemon is required to clear the research from your quest log, meaning you cannot run away and return later.

You can however Cheese the Battle in X Number of Raids” quests, by deliberately dodging your way through them until the timer runs out and retrying repeatedly.

This is a clever method to reserve Raid Passes, although it takes more time.

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