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Sony PlayStation believes that the PSVR has become the top virtual reality bundle on the market.

So it would make sense that they would like to keep the competition on consoles to a minimum, especially when planning their next VR device.

While the company has not revealed its plans for the PS5, they have revealed that PlayStation virtual reality support will continue.

Sony’s Shawn Layden recently revealed that the industry was heading toward the next generation of devices, a sure sign that PS5 compatibility will be available.

Speaking during the DICE conference, (via UploadVR) Layden said that “much of VR is one dot out, and it still feels experimental.”

He followed this up by adding: “We’re starting to see progress towards VR 2.0 games and software.”

“Astro Bot used the VR medium to redefine what a platformer could be, and to very good effect.

“A game of this quality arriving in the first generation of new technology helps us lay a foundation for everyone to build upon.”

So if PlayStation will continue their support for VR, what are Microsoft’s plans for the future?

Well, according to one developer, Microsoft is not making encouraging noises about their own secret plans.

And this could mean that VR won’t be available on the next Xbox console until it’s seen as a more viable video games platform.

Pablo Lafora, the game designer at Tessera Studios, revealed the news, telling Gamingbolt: “No matter how much I ask, I never get any news on Microsoft VR.

“Just some rumours about HoloLens 2. It seems like they don’t have much interest in VR. On one hand, it looks like right now they won’t include VR features on their next console.

“On the other hand… that sounds really risky. Maybe the next Xbox will be HoloLens 2 compatible? It might be, but we don’t think the console/marketing will make HoloLens the core of it all.”

Microsoft did tell fans that the Xbox One X would support virtual reality, something that has not panned out.

So, with no fresh hints being dropped from Microsoft in regards to VR, it could mean the tech giant has different plans for Xbox.

We already know that Project xCloud is a major project for the company, which will likely take up a lot of resources.

This is expected to land sometime in 2019 and will allow gamers to stream Xbox games to devices such as mobile phones and consoles.

And ultimately this could prove to be great news for consumers, allowing fans to choose between unique features when it comes to next-gen support.

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