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PlayStation Plus subscribers have been treated to a huge new bonus, just days after the release of the February 2019 free PS4 games.

With Sony about to drop support for PS3 and PlayStation Vita games, the company has given subscribers a special bonus instead.

The new PS Plus update greatly increases cloud storage for subscribers.

“Expanded 100GB cloud storage is rolling out now to PS Plus members,” reads a Sony post. “Enjoy 10 times more cloud storage for all those PS4 game saves!”

This huge increase means you’re almost guaranteed not to run out of save space storage on your PS4.

Hopefully Sony will make even more bonuses available to make up for the loss of PS3 and Vita games.

Regular PSVR and PlayLink titles would be a welcome addition, or perhaps even an extra PS4 game every month.

In a recent post online, the PS Plus team said: “Before we get to this month’s line up, we have news to share about cloud storage for PS Plus members.

“In early February, we will be expanding our cloud storage space from 10GB to 100GB for PS Plus members playing on PS4 – giving you even more space to keep all those game saves.

“With cloud storage, you can save your game progress and character profiles on one system, and then continue the game on another system later without losing progress.”

That’s on top of this month’s free PS4 games, which are headlined by For Honor and Hitman: The Complete First Season.

The PS Plus February 2019 line-up also includes Rogue Aces (PS4, PS Vita), Divekick (PS3, PS Vita), Gunhouse (PS Vita) and Metal Gear Sold 4 (PS3).

For Honor: “Experience the chaos of war and choose between Viking, Knight, and Samurai factions to find your perfect fighting style.

“Featuring 20 different PvP maps, this game will be sure to entertain you.”

Hitman The Complete First Season: “Take on the role of Agent 47, the world’s ultimate assassin. Travel the globe to eliminate your targets in traditional and less traditional ways.

“From sniper rifles to expired spaghetti sauce, use the weapons at your disposal to become the master assassin.”

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