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PS4 gamers will notice in the future that one well-known studio is no longer making titles exclusively for their gaming machine.

It means that Xbox One and Nintendo Switch fans could soon see some interesting new projects confirmed for their platforms.

Sony PlayStation will no longer see Quantic Dream games launched on their platform alone, like with Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls.

The studio has been launching their games exclusively on PlayStation systems since 2010, providing them with a unique flavour of storytelling.

But now everything is changing with the announcement that Chinese gaming company NetEase is investing in Quantic Dream.

The good news is that Quantic Dream co-founder and CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière has confirmed that the company will still be developing games for the PS4.

However, they are also widening their horizons, providing a blow to PlayStation’s exclusive line of titles.

Fondaumière believes that things are going to start changing in the gaming market in the coming years and he wants to see Quantic Dream to be ready for that.

Speaking to Venturebeat, the company co-founder explained: “David Cage and I have been thinking about where we wanted to go next with the company for quite some time.

“We had the feeling that the landscape was going to evolve significantly in the coming years – with new platforms, new business models, new ways of playing and new businesses driving change in the industry.

“All of these evolutions will definitely have their own challenges, but also offer amazing opportunities.

“Quantic Dream is quite an atypical company. We’ve developed proprietary engines and technologies for 22 years, created original IP for a worldwide market, collaborated exclusively with Sony for 12 years, and pioneered the genre of interactive storytelling and emotions in games at a time when few believed in it.

“The success of our last game, Detroit: Become Human, shows that we have found a certain maturity with our format, but also that there is a growing demand for the types of games we make.

“We see that the storytelling and emotive experiences that we pioneered are now a part of most triple-A titles. Even Television has begun experimenting with concepts that we’ve focused on for many years.

“For all these reasons, we felt it was the right moment for our studio to be more ambitious, leverage our experience and strengths and play an active role in the next evolution of the gaming industry. We were not interested in just getting funding.

“A studio’s future is shaped by vision and the means to realize it, but it’s also about finding partners with whom you can create synergies in order to build something together while remaining independent in your decisions. NetEase offered us exactly this, plus their enthusiasm and passion.”

It sounds like the goal is to make their games as accessible as possible to gamers, regardless of what platform they might use.

It should be noted, however, that Quantic Dream has not announced any coming projects for the Nintendo Switch or Xbox One.

The good news is that the next studio engine being used by the company will be cross-platform, making it possible for all their newest titles to launch on multiple systems.

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