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Five new stages! Cutscenes! Synthwave soundtrack!

Pistol Whip, the critically acclaimed rhythm FPS is from Cloudhead Games, has just added its first-ever cinematic story campaign – an eye-searing sci-fi nightmare known as 2089 – on PSVR.

2089, which made its debut on PC at the tail-end of last year, transplants Pistol Whip’s mesmerising, music-driven first-person shooter action – an intense, balletic mix of dodging, ducking, blasting, and high-score chasing – to the far-flung, neon-smeared future.

What follows is an five-scene, 30-minute-long story campaign – complete with animated cutscenes, voice work, and a synthwave soundtrack – in which protagonist John Asminov confronts an army of killer machines after tracking a distress signal to an off-world colony.

Pistol Whip – 2089 Campaign, PSVR

Expect plenty of 80s sci-fi movie ambience in the free update, alongside new enemies, weapons, models, mechanics, and more.

As part of its introduction to the new campaign on the PlayStation Blog, Cloudhead notes that all scenes and mechanics found in 2089 will be making their way to Arcade mode when Pistol Whip’s “massive” Concierge update arrives at a later date.

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