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I Am Setsuna and Lost Sphear developer Tokyo RPG Factory has unveiled Oninaki, a new action RPG heading to Switch, PlayStation 4 and Steam this summer.

Oninaki, according to publisher Square Enix, tells the story of Kagachi, a so-called Watcher with the power to move between the Living World and the Beyond, where the dead roam. As a Watcher, Kagachi must seek out these wandering souls, known as the Lost, in order sever their ties with the world and send them to the next.

In practical terms, that amounts to another adventure from developer Tokyo RPG Factory that draws heavy inspiration from the classic J-RPGs of yore. However, Oninaki looks to eschew the delicate, and ultimately somewhat twee, stylings of Lost Sphear and I am Setsuna, in favour of a bolder colour palette, and a richer, more distinctive art style – a modern touch seemingly reflected in the flashier, action-focussed combat. Oh, and that music is gorgeous too.

Unfortunately, specific details regarding Oninaki’s various gameplay elements, beyond those seen in the reveal trailer at least, are a little scarce right now. But, with a Switch, PS4, and PC release scheduled for summer, it shouldn’t be long before we learn more.

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