Now THQ Nordic has bought the Kingdom Come: Deliverance dev •


Kingdom Come: Deliverance developer Warhorse Studios is the latest to be snapped up by publisher THQ Nordic, in a deal worth €33.2m (about 29m).

As part of the announcement, Warhorse noted it had now sold 2m copies of its medieval role-playing game.

Over the past year, THQ Nordic has continually made headlines for its acquisitions, including Saints Row and Dead Island owner Koch Media, Wreckfest studio Bugbear and Goat Sim developer Coffee Stain.

And that’s on top of all the franchises its snapped up along the way – such as Kingdoms of Amalur, Carmageddon and Outcast.

What it’ll actually do with all these licenses is another matter. And for Kingdoms of Amalur, at least, previous publisher EA would still need to be involved somehow if THQ Nordic was to re-release or revamp the existing game.

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