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owners have plenty to look forward to this year, with a number of high-profile titles pencilled in for a release.

In 2019 fans of the hit hybrid console will be getting big name first-party titles like Animal Crossing Switch, Luigi’s Mansion 3, a new Fire Emblem and the Gen 8 Pokemon title.

The Nintendo Switch games list could also be boosted by the release of Bayonetta 3 – the sequel to the cult action classics from Platinum Games.

However, by the sounds of it Nintendo also has another major release planned for the Switch in 2019.

In the briefing for their most recent fiscal results, Nintendo teased that a secret title is set to come out on the Nintendo Switch in 2019.

There is at least one major unannounced game coming to the Switch in 2019, and it’s something that “will make everyone happy.”

The news was revealed in a post online by Wall Street Journal tech reporter Takashi Mochizuki, and then translated by Gematsu.

So, what could this mystery Nintendo Switch game be? Well, there are a number of rumoured titles that spring to mind.

Recently Nintendo announced that development of Metroid Prime 4 was being restarted – which would have come as a bitter blow to fans of the series.

However, this blow could be softened by the rumours that a Metroid Prime trilogy compilation is in the works for the Switch.

Could this be the title Nintendo alluded to in their recent briefing?

Retro Studios – who worked on the original Metroid Prime games – are being brought back onboard for Metroid Prime 4.


Maybe this is because the mysterious title they’ve been working on has finally been completed?

It’s rumoured that this title is Star Fox Grand Prix – a F-Zero style game using characters and settings from the Star Fox universe.

This potentially could be the secret, unannounced title that is set to be released on the Nintendo Switch in 2019.

Or, could Nintendo finally have Pikmin 4 – which back in 2015 was reportedly close to completion – be ready to get released?

Looking further afield, Nintendo may instead have been hinting at unannounced third-party projects coming to the Switch.

One such third-party game that is rumoured to be in the works for the Nintendo Switch is a brand new Ridge Racer.

The iconic series will allegedly be making an exclusive return to the Switch.

And finally, it wouldn’t be a Nintendo Switch rumours list without mention of Persona 5 R.


Persona 5 is currently only available on PlayStation consoles, but it’s been heavily rumoured to be coming to the Switch in some shape or form.

These rumours have only been bolstered even since it was announced Joker – the hero of Persona 5 – is coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate in a DLC.

Could this secret project that’s in the works be the much rumoured version of Persona 5 for the Switch?

It could be that the Persona 5 R project which Atlus teased at the end of 2018 could be the game that’s coming to the Switch.

If so, this could potentially be an upgraded version of Persona 5 which is akin to what Persona 4 Golden was to the original P4.

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