MW3 Got a 420 Friendly Parkour Event Called ‘G3T H1GH’


In the run-up to April 20, Activision Blizzard’s studios have been eagerly constructing a series of smoke-related bundles, cosmetics, and events.

It’s the typical trend that pops up every year around the start of April, but this year, the studios have taken things one step further. In a recent reveal by dataminers, it was shown that there was a special, limited-time event coming to Modern Warfare 3 called GET HIGH, stylized as ‘G3T_H1GH’.

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This limited-time mode and map saw players dive into a cyber-like neon environment, using parkour skills to ascend the map and reach the highest point possible. There were plenty of obstacles and obstructions holding players back, and at the peak, the map measures almost 300 meters. In a ten-minute-long video, you can see how difficult it was to play this map, revealing how tough it is to complete it.


Image Credit: Activision Blizzard

There were weed-themed cosmetics bundles, a Special Operator in the form of a stoned sloth, and a return of the Snoop Dogg character, all arriving in time for 4/20 (April 20). Not a lot was known about the GET HIGH event, aside from the fact it was being released into MW3 ‘in tribute’ to 4/20 and it wasn’t around for very long. It was assumed that there would be some kind of on-theme reward for completing GET HIGH, but what that is, nobody knew – not even the dataminers.

Here’s the video that I just mentioned:

It looked like enough fun on the surface, even if it didn’t add much in the way of substance. It’s certainly one of the more inventive modes that Activision’s studios have cooked up. It also looks to be one of the only Call of Duty game modes to feature absolutely no combat, with players instead relying on simply moving to achieve their objective. It’s not clear if G3T H1GH will return to Modern Warfare 3, but I’d keep my fingers crossed.

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By Grant Taylor-Hill 17 April 2024

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