Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Will Be About The Same Length as The First


Could Be About 17 Hours for The Story.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2‘s length will be about the same size as the original game. The sequel is set to release in just over a month and the hype is unreal. The recent demos and trailers promise a game with the potential of being the GOTY, we can’t wait to play it.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s Story Could Be About 17 Hours in Length

For context, the original Marvel’s Spider-Man took about 17 hours in length to complete the main story. This means the sequel will be about the same length, according to Insomniac Games. The first took over 35 hours for completionists, but the sequel might be bigger as it has a lot more to offer.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has two protagonists, plus the map is now about twice the size, which could mean a much longer time for completionists. The game size is also gargantuan compared to the original’s about 75 GB. The sequel will take about 100 GB.

A recent gameplay showcase demonstrated a bunch of new additions to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. It has a bigger map, new locations, seamless character switching and fast travel, over 65 suits, and much more. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 launches on October 20th on PlayStation 5.

What are your thoughts on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 story length? Let us know in the comments below.


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