Marvel’s Midnight Suns: How to Complete The Hulk’s Challenge Mission (Monster or Man?)


Instead of killing everything, The Hulk has to focus on rage generation to win his challenge in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

The Hulk has the final challenge mission in Marvel’s Midnight Suns and it’s not like that of his companions. Instead of defeating every enemy on the map, the goal is to max out The Hulk’s rage meter. Generating that many charges in a single round is no easy task.

These challenges aren’t like most battles in the game. There are modifiers to the cards played, redraws, and moves. The cards received are preset and defined. There is usually only one way to beat this challenge in Marvel’s Midnight Suns and this is the way to do it for The Hulk in the Monster or Man? mission.

Beating Monster or Man?

  1. Use a Gamma Kick card on opponent 4, knocking it into a wall.
  2. Use a Smash card on opponent 4.
  3. Use the Crush card on opponent 4.
  4. Use the Rampage card; one charge against opponent 3, then one charge against opponent 2, and lastly one charge against opponent 1.
  5. Use the Gamma Kick card on opponent 5, knocking it into a wall.
  6. Use the Let’s Do This card.
  7. Use the Smash card on opponent 1.
  8. Use the Worldbreaker card.

Players are going to need the Rampage card on opponent 4 to taunt opponents 1 through 3. Lead off with a Gamma Kick, knocking the opponent 4 into the wall.

Now use Smash against opponent 4 to stun the target.

Finish opponent 4 off with Crush since the damage will be increased due to the target’s stun.

Now use the newly acquired Rampage card, hitting opponents 3, 2, and 1 (in that order) each one time. This will apply a taunt to each of them.

Turn The Hulk’s attention on opponent 5. Use a Gamma Kick, knocking it into the wall and taunting it. Now all four remaining opponents are taunted.

Use the Let’s Do It card to force each enemy to attack The Hulk, giving him a rage point for each blow.

Use the Smash card against opponent 1 to generate the final rage point The Hulk needs.

Finally, use the Worldbreaker card to win the challenge.

This will add the Worldbreaker card permanently for players to use. Edit the deck to add the card and get some practice with it.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is available now for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S


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