LEGO Fortnite players beg for new content to fix ‘boring’ endgame


LEGO Fortnite players beg developers for more content as they run out of things to do less than a month into the game.

Fortnite swarmed with hundreds of thousands when LEGO Fortnite dropped on December 7. Over a million players jumped into the lobbies during the first few days, but as time has gone on, people have started to lose interest.

LEGO Fortnite’s numbers have dropped from nearly a million daily to just a couple hundred thousand. While some games would kill for this number of players, the drop-off is significant.

Now, users have taken to social media to complain about the lack of content in the game and what to do once they have reached ‘the end.’

LEGO Fortnite socials flood with requests for new content

It has been weeks since LEGO Fortnite has received any sort of update. The last update detailed small changes to item stack size and weapon durability. However, since then, people have asked developers to address the real issues with the game.

“Any word on a content update/bug fix patch,” asked one user on a recent post from LEGO Fortnite.

Twitter is not the only platform being bombarded with tough questions from the fan base, either. Multiple posts on Reddit have also begun popping up to deal with the issues regarding what to do after getting numerous villages to level 10.

Hearing people ask… “What should I do when I hit end game!?” My suggestion! Build your mega base upon the tallest mountain in game and give it an ol grand staircase! The views up here are awesome!
byu/BreakingThoseCankles inLEGOfortnite

“Hearing people ask ‘What should I do when I hit end game?’,” said one Redditor. “I suggest building your megabase upon the tallest mountain in the game and giving it a grand staircase! The views up here are awesome.”

While building a dream base has been the goal for many, some have experienced hitting build limits, which has stopped them from playing the game entirely. At the time of writing this article, LEGO Fortnite has not made or announced any updates or patches to the game.

by Daniel Appleford 30 Dec 2023


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