LEAK: Modern Warfare 4 Apparently Coming with MW2 & MW3 Remastered, Claims QA Tester


Back in May of 2018 Gaming INTEL received exclusive information from one of our closest sources, which suggested Infinity Ward’s upcoming entry in the Call of Duty franchise will be Modern Warfare 4. Without any confirmation as of yet from Activision, talks of MW4 have been merely discussions, albeit a Reddit user who claims to be a former Quality Assurance tester at Treyarch may have inside information regarding Call of Duty 2019.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 Leaks

The Reddit post has provided a host of details regarding the upcoming installment within the Call of Duty series. Although for full transparency, we must mention that there is an extremely good chance the post is fake as some of Gaming INTEL’s exclusive sources claim that only some of this information is legitimate, whilst other details can be subject to change.

Initially, the former QA tester claims that Call of Duty’s next game will be titled Modern Warfare 4. Whilst Gaming INTEL has previously been tipped with this information, it doesn’t come as much of surprise.

Modern Warfare 4 Apparently Coming with MW2 & MW3 Remastered

Surprisingly, the anonymous source claims that the next entry will come with MW2 and MW3 Remastered. Although, they also mention that it will be campaign only with the possibility of Multiplayer being released on both throughout the year.


Back in March of 2018, a host of rumors circulated online claiming that Modern Warfare 2 Remastered will be released later in the year, albeit will only feature a campaign. With the announcement of Black Ops 4 featuring no additional title by the end of 2018, the rumor was soon debunked. Although, that’s not to say Activision don’t have plans to bundle MW2 and MW3 Remastered alongside Modern Warfare 4 later this year.

Modern Warfare 4 DLC to Feature 15 Maps, Free Monthly COD Points

Without any word on this leak especially, there is currently no indication as to how trustworthy it is. According to the anonymous source, Modern Warfare 4’s DLC model is very different from Black Ops 4. There will be 15 maps for the pass, which will release alongside free maps rolling out throughout the year. Furthermore, free monthly COD Points may also be on the horizon, in addition to the following:

  • DLC weapons
  • Access to BETA content (new maps, war maps)
  • Extra login bonuses
  • 4 special character costumes.

In contrary, talks about the possibility of them releasing all maps free and having no DLC pass was also mentioned, although they were merely discussions.

With a few contrasting leaks on this one, in particular, it should be taken as an absolute outside chance.

Other Alleged MW4 Leaks

  • Supply Drops are still there, the same system as Infinite Warfare’s.
  • Raven Software is apparently developing a WW2 War-like mode.
  • Customization will allow you to change head accessories, such as beanies, hats, helmets, and more. You’ll also have the ability to alter your shirts, vest, legs, feet, and gloves.
  • Killstreaks are similar to MW2/MW3.
  • Many original guns from the Modern Warfare series will be featured.
  • The game will have co-op play and a camo/reward system for playing. Interestingly, prior to this leak Activision already confirmed that an all-new co-op experience is on the horizon. Apparently, it is a survival based mode.
  • The campaign is set to be 7-8 hours long on normal difficulty.
  • Pro perks will return.

PREVIOUS INTEL: LEAK: Modern Warfare 4 To Be Call of Duty’s 2019 Release

It’s important to take note that prior to the release of this post, Activision mentioned this Call of Duty will be the “best they’ve ever built.” If these leaks are anything to go by, we could be looking at one of the most content-packed titles ever in the franchise.

Whilst these MW4 leaks, in particular, do not feature much substance, there is no indication on the legitimacy.

Without any confirmation from Infinity Ward themselves, we must take this Reddit post with a grain of salt. In fact, the source even mentions in other words that this could very well be false information. It’s a case of time will tell.



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