Kylie Minogue is now a Legendary Creature in Magic: The Gathering


Kylie Minogue’s Astrid Peth is included in the upcoming MTG – Universes Beyond: Doctor Who set.

In a rather strange turn of events, famed Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue has joined the ranks of Magic: The Gathering, as a Legendary Creature – Human, hailing from the upcoming Universes Beyond: Doctor Who collectible set.

Minogue appears as Astrid Peth, the heroic maid who appeared in the Doctor Who episode ‘Voyage of the Damned’, a special in the fourth season, which starred David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor. At the time of the episode’s airing, Minogue was an important, high-profile guest star. There was much publicity around her role, and the episode remains a favorite amongst fans.

Image: Wizards of the Coast

Now, it’s led to Minogue taking her rightful status as a Legendary Creature in MTG.

As revealed by MTG Ambassador sensitivejoy on Twitter in a set preview, Astrid Peth is getting her own card in the collection, complete with a gorgeously rendered version of Minogue in full maid regalia. There are two printings of the card to collect – plain, and borderless.

In either form, Peth is a fairly powerful creature.

When she’s played to the battlefield, and any time she attacks, a Food token is generated. This can be consumed for health in dire circumstances.

In addition to this ability, Peth can also sacrifice a Clue or Food to “explore” – as in, players will be able to reveal the top card from their library, and then if it’s a land card, this can be placed into their hand. If it’s not a land card, they can put a +1/+1 counter on Peth, and then either put the card back or put it into the graveyard, depending on its potential use.

Minogue’s card appears to be fairly powerful, with its dual abilities. Being able to generate consistent food tokens will certainly help out with surviving on the battlefield, and the secondary “explore” ability will also aid land management.

Beyond these handy mechanics, it’s also just plain cool to have a Kylie Minogue in your deck – so Astrid Peth’s card is certainly one you’ll want to add to your collection, if only for the pure novelty.

In the coming weeks, we expect a range of new Universes Beyond: Doctor Who cards to be revealed, with plenty of surprises likely on the way. The complete set, which includes new commander decks and boosters, launches on 13 October 2023.


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