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Patch notes for the new Kingdom Hearts 3 update confirm that the epilogue has now been added to PS4 and Xbox One.

As many fans might already know, Square Enix took extra steps to make sure that the ending didn’t leak before the game was officially launched.

It appears some people managed to get early copies, meaning that Square Enix was able to avoid all their secret being found out early.

And now Kingdom Hearts 3 update 1.02 has been released, adding the final epilogue video to the game.

The patch notes covering all the patches released so far confirm its inclusion, as well as the addition of another feature for the game.

Here’s more from Square Enix, who explains in a new post: “The Memory Archive is a digest of the Kingdom Hearts story in the series up to this point.

“The epilogue and secret movie are video content that will enhance player’s enjoyment of the world of Kingdom Hearts.

“These pieces of downloadable content are additional elements for Kingdom Hearts III.

“The main game allows players to proceed to and view the ending without the need for an internet connection.

“An internet connection is required to download patches to update the game.”


  • Added new cutscene: Epilogue
  • Added Memory Archives to the title screen
  • Fixed various issues

For those looking to download the important patch, it should be noted that it will require around 2GB of space on both platforms.

If you’re wondering how to see the new Kingdom Hearts epilogue video, you must have completed KH3 and seen the ending to view it.

Square Enix has also confirmed that they will be launching a new secret video in the coming days that will be available to download on PS4 and Xbox One.

The Disney and Square Enix mash-up made its debut at E3 2013, where it was shown during the Sony conference.

It’s said to be the biggest entry yet – which isn’t surprising considering how long it’s been in development – reportedly taking between 40-50 hours to complete.

Venturing off the beaten path and exploring the game’s secrets could potentially take that number up to 80 hours.

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