Kickstarter Project: Introducing Tabula Sono: A free 3D virtual whiteboard for all tabletop RPG gaming


Bringing back the power of creativity to our tabletop roleplaying games by providing free, accessible, and compatible tools to the gaming community.

Game Geeks News is proud to bring you another great gaming project heading to Kickstarter very soon. It’s no secret that tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons have been making a comeback the last few years. Being together around the table with friends playing a cooperative, the unrestricted game was a welcome change from the screens and disembodied voices gamers had become used to. In early 2020, however, global events forced everything online overnight. Luckily for the industry, the digital momentum was already there and Tabula Sono forged ahead, building online tools to keep the games going. But somewhere along the way the tools got so focused on the technical and mechanical aspects of the games, we lost the magic of the social and collaborative aspects of the tabletop. We were back to screens and headsets and lost the freedom we used to enjoy when not being weighed down by our digital tools. 

Enter: Tabula Gaming, LLC

So, Following the better parts of the American Dream in-the-garage startup trope, we quit our high-end agency and client work to pursue our passions full-time and created Tabula Gaming, LLC with one mission: to bring back the power of creativity to our tabletop roleplaying games by providing free, accessible, and compatible tools to the gaming community.

Tabula Gaming, LLC is uniquely positioned to use our experience as digital product designers, developers, and marketers and combine it with our innate creative nerdiness to provide online tools to the tabletop community that are out-of-the-way, easy to use, allow game sessions to focus on collaborative storytelling and are compatible with any gaming system (not just Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder).

Tabula Gaming is a group of experienced product designers, developers, and marketers coming from most agency and client service backgrounds. That experience means we’ve been responsible for bringing hundreds of products, websites, apps, and experiences to the digital world over the years. We cut our teeth in just about every major business industry and have some name-drop-worthy clients under our belts like Disney, Facebook, NASA, Cisco, LinkedIn, Microsoft, NCAA, Siemens, Sony, Fred Segal, Unilever/Dove, Bank of America, Clemson University, Kevin Hart, Oculus, Neutrogena, Nike, Westgate Resorts, Universal/NBC, Darden, Cartoon Network, MTV, etc (whew). 

What Drives Us

Like so many creators, for a long time, we were all dabbling in our own side-projects while working for bosses and clients and fending off burn-out. So when we finally found two products that spoke to all of us, we had to jump on the opportunity. We quit our high-paying jobs and pooled the money we’d saved up to start our own company. Now, not only do we continue to do what we do best, we apply that energy to what we’re truly passionate about. Tabula Gaming, LLC are doing this on their own, so they don’t have to answer to disconnected money-holders. Tabula Gaming, LLC does not make decisions based on what the boss or the investors want — they make decisions based on what product and community truly needs.

The Product: Tabula Sono

Tabula Sono is a free platform that allows tabletop RPG groups to come together online and play their games with ultimate creative freedom. Tabula Sono is currently in Early Access and will launch publicly in Spring 2022. If you don’t already have an understanding of tabletop games like D&D, give our favourite Tabletop Gaming vs. Video Gaming article a quick read.

Sono Highlights

  • Free to play
  • Nothing to download or install
  • Runs on any computer or laptop with a modern browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc) and an internet connection
  • Allows up to 10 players per session anywhere in the world
  • Quickly draw your whiteboard-based environment
  • Change your world settings to match the mood of the moment
  • Use 3D miniatures from our extensive free library or import your own 3D minis
  • Give players control of their miniatures to move them around the world
  • Compatible with any tabletop RPG system


We’ve funded the development of Tabula Sono with money from our own pockets and war chests (money we’ve been putting away for an opportunity like this). They’re not interested in going after “big money” or investors. We’ve all seen what that does to a company and while that can be a successful way to go, it’s not right for this niche product. To fund the product launch, they’re going to be relying on crowdfunding, specifically Kickstarter. That will get Tabula Sono enough capital in the bank for the marketing, infrastructure, and licensing that they will need to keep the product free, as well as fund the company until they can spin up revenue streams (premium content and features beyond the core free product).

What’s Next

H1 2022 – Launch: Once they meet their funding goal in early 2022, they will launch Tabula Sono about 90 days later. It will be free to the entire community with nothing to download or install.

H2 2022 – Revenue Features: After launch, they’ll finish out and launch their revenue-generating features like premium content, premium immersive effects, larger game sizes, and streaming tools. 

2023 and Beyond: They believe firmly that their product should live and grow with the needs of their community and the product itself. Tabula Sono has got lots of cool ideas like controls for tablets, full-colour miniature imports, and even a real-time soundtrack generator! But they’re going to hold off on solidifying those plans until they’re in-market and know what’s really needed.


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