Inovus Digital Piano & Piano Academy – For Android & iOS Devices


Exclusive deal from Inovus i88 Digital Piano and Piano Academy! Learn how to play piano with fun games and interactive videos.

Receive a 2 month, Unlimited Premium Subscription of Piano Academy by Yokee Music, a $60 value. The Piano Academy app listens to every note you play and gives you instant feedback, to help you improve. It offers tons of great songs with music from your favourite artists that you can play along with.

Piano Academy is well known for their amazing piano learning games, designed by pianists and teachers to help train your musical skills, improve rhythm and timing, and have fun while learning.

The popular game offered with the Piano Academy is fun for kids, they knock birds off a wire (that looks like sheet music, of course!) by playing the correct notes on their keyboard. The game teaches single notes and chords and is a blast to play.
The Piano Academy app connects with the Inovus i88 Digital Piano simply using your tablet or phone’s microphone. The app listens to every note you play on the keyboard, and gives you feedback in real time.

The Inovus 88 key digital piano also has a ton of great features to help you learn piano, like Split Keyboard so you can play along with your teacher and Bluetooth connectivity to play along with your own playlists!

Have fun learning piano, and learn to play fast with the Inovus i88 Digital Piano, and Piano Academy.


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