How to get free Ray Gun in CoD Zombies Forsaken with Easter Egg


The Ray Gun is one of the most powerful weapons in CoD Zombies, so find out how you can get it for free on the Cold War’s Forsaken map. 

Black Ops Cold War’s Season 6 update is finally here, which means players can check out the new Forsaken Zombies map. While the Forsaken Easter Egg unlocks a deadly boss fight and grants access to the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon, there is a way you can get your hands on a free Ray Gun. 

The Ray Gun has remained a popular weapon of choice for many veteran zombie hunters, particularly those that wish to effortlessly blast away the flesh-eating hordes.

This rare weapon can usually be found in the game’s Mystery Box, but one Forsaken Easter Egg makes getting your hands on the Ray Gun incredibly easy. 

How to get a free Ray Gun in CoD Zombies Forsaken

Ronald Raygun’s pizza delivery challenge has some decent rewards.

In order to get a free Ray Gun in CoD Zombies Forsaken map, you’ll need to first make you have the Aether Shroud Field Upgrade equipped. Once you’ve acquired this, simply head over to Main Street and locate the Beach Pizza restaurant. 

To begin the Easter Egg, use Aether Shroud on the closed door opposite the counter. If done correctly, you’ll teleport into a room with a dancing Ronald Raygun. There will be four pizza boxes on the table and you’ll need to deliver them to nearby locations. 

The pizza delivery locations can be found below: 

  1. The first floor of the Video Store.
  2. Entrance to the Cinema next to the two mannequins. 
  3. The first floor of the bar on the white table.
  4. Inside Burger Town on the table with the two mannequins. 
The Forsaken Ray Gun Easter Egg is well worth the effort.

While you only have 44 seconds to deliver each pizza, the locations are pretty simple to get to, especially since an indicator pops up on the map. Upon each delivery, Ronald Raygun will drop a random item when you interact with him.

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The final item won’t always be a Ray Gun. In fact, the prizes can often range from max ammo to salvage, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t get this rare weapon every time. Simply rinse and repeat this Easter Egg with every fresh play through to claim a chance of winning a free Ray Gun in Forsaken. 


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