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As you may or may not already be aware, Monster Hunter World has nuzzled up with the Northern Kingdoms today, as part of its limited-time Witcher crossover. Capcom has previously been a little cagey regarding the specifics of the event, but now, with things underway, it’s revealed all.

First things first, it’s worth noting that Monster Hunter World’s Witcher crossover is only available to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for the time being, but is due on PC at a later date. For those lucky console players, however, the event is available to download now for free.

Capcom’s Witcher event is split into two separate parts. The first, a new Special Assignment known as Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest, is a wholly solo affair and casts players as Geralt of Rivia – with voice actor Doug Cockle even returning to record some new lines for the project, as you can hear in the launch trailer below.

Completing the assignment – which features multiple endings, side quests, Geralt-exclusive abilities, and a fight with a formidable Leshen – unlocks the Geralt α full armour set for crafting, as well as the Witcher’s Silver Sword weapon (a Sword & Shield) for your hunter. Palicos, meanwhile, get access to the Nekker α full armour set and Cursed Staff α.

For the time being, that’s your lot as far as the Witcher crossover event goes. However, from February 15th until March 1st, players will be able to take on a new quest, titled Contract: Woodland Spirit. This is intended for those with a Hunter Rank of 50 or above, and, unlike the first part of the event, is also available in multiplayer. Capcom says that hunters will be tackling an “ancient threat” – presumably the Ancient Leshen variant seen in the trailer – and that rewards include the Ciri α full armour set and matching Dual Blades.

And if that’s still not enough new Monster Hunter World for you, Capcom will, as previously announced, be celebrating the game’s first birthday in a special Appreciation Fest, which runs from Saturday, January 26th until Friday, February 22nd, on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Oh, and you’ll probably want to put the new Monster Hunter movie release date in your diary too. If only so you can give all cinemas a wide berth for the duration.

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