Helldivers 2 has already sold 12 million copies


Helldivers 2 is officially PlayStation’s fastest-selling game ever.

Helldivers 2 has become PlayStation’s fastest-selling game ever in its first 12 weeks, selling a whopping 12 million copies in this period. For a further breakdown, that’s one million copies sold for every week the game’s been on sale.

So far, Helldivers 2 has eclipsed all expectations for Sony and its developer Arrowhead Game Studios, contributing “significantly” to Sony’s overall sales and profit margin in the last financial quarter. As noted, Helldivers 2 has beaten a range of other major Sony releases on the charts, including blockbuster, award-winning games like God of War Ragnarok, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2and Horizon Forbidden West.

This success is likely why Arrowhead Game Studios recently got some leeway with a brief PlayStation Network snafu that would have forced game refunds in over 170 countries.

For a brief rundown: the supremacy of Helldivers 2 was recently threatened by a new PlayStation edict to require a PlayStation Network login for the game – despite the title being sold in regions where the PlayStation Network is not available, and this requirement not being firmly outlined at launch.

The initial announcement was met with extreme backlash, as players worldwide decried the sudden log-in requirement, and the unfairness facing those in countries without the PlayStation Network. In the space of a few days, Helldivers 2‘s Steam rating plummeted, and developers were faced with a massive storm of complaints.

The PlayStation Network requirement was retracted soon after this wave, with all players invited to continue helldiving in future.

Realistically, it’s likely the success and popularity of the game forced PlayStation’s hand in this matter. With 12 million copies and counting now sold, the Helldivers 2 community is incredibly large, and very passionate. The game has broken major records for PlayStation, and will likely continue to do so in the coming year.

“As announced in the Sony earnings call, we have sold over 12M units!” Johan Pilestedt, CEO of Arrowhead Game Studio said on Twitter / X. “What a massive achievement from everyone involved in realising Helldivers 2. A massive thank you to the community for your support, passion and dedication in the fight for democracy!”

In the weeks and months ahead, we can expect the popularity of Helldivers 2 to grow. Stay tuned for more on the game, and Arrowhead’s plans to keep players running, gunning, and saving the world.


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By Leah J. Williams 15 May 2024


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