Hardcore co-op Survival RPG Are We Dead? heads to Kickstarter


“Are We Dead?” is a cooperative survival game that combines in-depth survival mechanics, intense combat, and social dynamics with a unique betrayal mechanic. Players must navigate resource management, environmental challenges, and the constant threat of betrayal from teammates, making for an immersive and unpredictable gaming experience.

Game Geeks News is proud to bring you another exciting new Survival RPG Adventure game by Palmer Stowell, currently running on Kickstarter. Palmer, the creator and solo developer of “Are We Dead?“. has a passion for game development which began at an early age when he created a successful Minecraft server to play with my friends. This experience sparked a lifelong drive to create virtual worlds for others to enjoy. “Are We Dead?” is the culmination of my dedication to creating an engaging and immersive game. Combining survival elements, replay-ability, and the thrilling mechanics of betrayal, this game represents my vision for an intense cooperative experience. Palmer is fully committed to bringing “Are We Dead?” to life and delivering a game that players will love and return to again and again.

The world of “Are We Dead?” is intricately crafted to enhance the survival experience. Diverse environments, ranging from abandoned hospitals to underground labs, each present unique challenges and opportunities for players to navigate. Every location is meticulously designed to test different survival skills and strategies, ensuring a rich and varied gameplay experience.

The undead are relentless and adaptive, providing a constant threat to players. These creatures vary in behavior and strength. This unpredictability adds a layer of tension and urgency, forcing players to constantly adapt their strategies to survive against these relentless foes.

A dynamic day/night cycle and harsh weather conditions ensure every journey is unpredictable. At night, the undead become more aggressive, increasing the danger for players. Rain and fog further complicate survival by reducing visibility and altering both player and undead strategies. This combination keeps players constantly adapting to the changing environment and threats.

Scavenging for weapons, ammo, and food introduces layers of strategy to your survival efforts. Discover gear that changes how you approach different situations, adding complexity and choice to your gameplay. This integration of scavenging with survival mechanics ensures every decision is impactful and engaging.

NPC interactions and weather conditions are heavily influenced by the group’s karma, which can be individually affected by each player. Your collective karma determines who among the survivors will be allies or enemies, from helpful traders to deceitful bandits. It also impacts how harsh weather conditions affect your group, adding another strategic layer to the game.

Environmental storytelling adds depth with posters, graffiti, and billboards depicting the world’s fall. Hidden information like newspaper clippings and documents reveal the virus and civilization’s collapse. The game’s timeline twists real-world events, foreshadowing the downfall and undead uprising. This dark yet humorous world blends satire with realism, creating a unique and immersive experience.

These mechanics are designed to interact seamlessly, fostering complex group dynamics where cooperation and trust are essential. Managing stamina, hunger, weight, and noise all contribute to the social fabric of the game, making every decision impactful.

By ensuring these systems work together without feeling tedious, “Are We Dead?” encourages players to collaborate while navigating the ever-present threat of betrayal, creating a rich and engaging experience.

So why Kickstarter?

While Palmer can complete this game without additional funding, crowdfunding allows him to fully realize the vision for the game. Your support will enable the creation of unique 3D models, UI elements, sound effects, and other components that will enhance the game’s immersive experience.

Additionally, funding will help bring on more talented artists and developers to expand the game’s scope and ensure it meets the highest quality standards. 

By backing this project, you are not only helping to bring “Are We Dead?” to life but also joining a community of passionate gamers dedicated to creating a rich, engaging, and infinitely replayable survival experience.

Pledges start from as little as $1 but pledging as little as $10 you will receive Early Access to Are We Dead? at a 50% discount from the release price and get your name in the credits. Donators will also have the opportunity to create a character for the game by pledging a little more. For a full breakdown of the rewards available, check out their crowdfunding page on Kickstarter.


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By Game Geeks News 20 June 2024


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