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waterfalls is one of the big Overtime challenges that has been added to Battle Royale.

To complete visit different waterfalls Fortnite fans will need to find seven different waterfalls dotted around the Battle Royale map.

Fortnite waterfalls rewards players with 500XP upon completion and also brings then a step closer to getting that free season 8 Battle Pass.

In an unprecedented move, Epic Games are offering free season 8 Battle Passes to anyone that completes 13 Overtime challenges.

In total there are eight Fortnite waterfalls located around the Battle Royale map.

If you’re struggling to find them then don’t worry, has you covered.

In this story you’ll find a map of all the Fortnite waterfalls locations on the Battle Royale map.

Here are all the spots you’ll find a Fortnite waterfall for the latest Overtime challenge:


• Fortnite waterfalls – Paradise Palms: Directly south of Paradise Palms you’ll find a Fortnite waterfall on the edge of the map

• Fortnite waterfalls – Paradise Palms: South west of Paradise Palms you’ll find an oasis with a waterfall nearby

• Fortnite waterfalls – Lucky Landing: Head west of this POI and you’ll find a waterfall on the edge of the Battle Royale map

• Fortnite waterfalls – Lonely Lodge: In the middle of this POI you’ll find a Fortnite waterfall


• Fortnite waterfalls – Lazy Links: North east of Lazy Links you’ll find a waterfall on the edge of the map

• Fortnite waterfalls – Loot Lake: You’ll find a waterfall south of Loot Lake which is also north east of Tilted Towers

• Fortnite waterfalls – Loot Lake: There are a series of mini waterfalls in Loot Lake

• Fortnite waterfalls – Viking Village: Directly south of Viking Village you’ll find the largest waterfall on the Fortnite map

And here are the other Fortnite Overtime challenges that went live alongside the Fortnite waterfalls task:

• Deal damage to opponents with Shotguns or SMGs

• Search chests or ammo boxes at The Block

• Place Top 10 in Squads with a friend

If you’re still struggling then check out YouTuber gattu’s channel – in a post online the streamer provided an in-depth look at all the locations.

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