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Epic Games is bringing back the Cupid Crossbow in their next Fortnite Valentine’s Day update.

Patch 7.40 is expected to roll out on Tuesday, February 12, and will contain a number of new tweaks and changes.

And among these new items will be the returning Cupid Crossbow, as part of the Valentine’s Day celebrations.

The in-game news feed has announced as much, an early indicator of what is being planned for the coming week.

The Fortnite message reads: “Triumphant Return! Cupid’s Crossbow will be unvaulted for a limited time.

“Eliminate your opponents with stealth and precision.”

The returning crossbow made its debut back in 2018 and was part of an earlier Valentine’s Day update from Epic Games.

The Crossbow fires Arrows, which are an unlimited ammo type and could be found from floor loot and treasure chests.

This weapon comes in both Rare and Epic variants and isn’t expected to be around for long.

With the Share the Love event scheduled to continue until the end of February, the Cupid Crossbow will probably disappear before the start of Season 8.

Another big piece of Fortnite patch 7.40 will be the launch of new Share the Love event content.

Special rewards and Challenges have been available to earn since February 8 and will be part of the game until February 27.

New challenges are being added to the game through Fortnite update 7.40, including plenty of new stuff to do for everyone.

All players will have access to new, additional Overtime Challenges, which will offer five new rewards.

This will include the new Valentine Wrap and Vines Contrail, while Battle Pass owners will also have access to new unlockable styles for the Trog, Powder, and Onesie outfits.

The “Share the Love” Competitive Series will also be updated with the launch of the new 7.40 update.

The competition will be split across four separate divisions which will run simultaneously each day: [Open Division] –> [Prospect Division] –> [Contender Division] –> [Champion Division]

Players will unlock the next division by earning a pin during any daily session, and players who manage to earn a pin during a Champion Division session will unlock access to the Champion Division Finals to take place February 23 and 24.

Other adjustments being made to Fortnite Battle Royale tomorrow, include the following.

  • Planes will no longer be able to smash through structures
  • Zipline interact prompt added, and using a Zipline will grant fall damage immunity
  • Hand Cannon structure damage reduced from 150 to 100
  • Turbo Build delay decreased from 0.15s to 0.05s
  • Rocket Launcher reload time increased from 2.52s to 3.24s
  • Added the ability to crouch while in Edit Mode

More is expected to be shared following Fortnite update 7.40 being deployed on live servers.

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