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Epic Games look set to release special new challenges in the weeks to come, starting with some hints dropping during Fortnite Week 7 and 8.

Fortnite Season 7 has moved on from its festive theme to be more centered around the Ice King.

There have been hints of what new in-game events might be coming next and they appear to be attached to the mean looking character.

Right now we can’t say for sure exactly what will happen, although it might include further map changes involving an ice storm.

This is based on various new leaks that have appeared today following the Fortnite 7.20 update.

Data miners have found the new Fortnite Week 7 loading screens, giving us a hint at what is coming next.

The Week 7 loading screen features the Ice King sitting on his throne looking a bit Thanos-like.

There are no hidden battle stars that can be found in the image, but it will probably be worth checking the place out after you finish all the challenges.

So if Fortnite Week 7 does contain the last secret battle star, fans will need to head to Polar Peaks to find it.

Heading toward the main throne room in the castle will help you reach your chosen location, which will likely be very busy.

When it comes to the new Fortnite Week 7 challenges, there hasn’t been a confirmed list of shared online yet.

However, it appears that Epic Games might be launching a new set of special challenges very soon.

A new list of “Ice Storm Challenges” have been doing the rounds online, suggesting that Epic Games will be following up on their 14 Days of Fortnite.

If the rumours prove accurate, it will mean 13 new challenges going live soon that will allow fans to unlock new content.

Like the 14 Days of Fortnite, these new challenges will release every day, providing new things to do around the island.

But until all of this information is confirmed by Epic Games, it’ll be worth taking it with a pinch of salt.

Another Loading Screen has also been leaked for week 8 and appears to show the Ice King creating an Ice Storm on the map.

This might suggest that the new Fortnite Challenges will go live next week, rather than during week 7.

Data miners also found new skins as part of their efforts to look over Fortnite update 7.20.

This includes the epic Malcore skin, which is expected to release alongside the Ice Queen outfit. These costumes will cost 1,500 V-bucks each.

The Jaeger and Fyra skins are also classed as epic, which means they’ll cost fans 1,500 V-bucks.

Then there’s the Cabbie Taxi skin (above), which is an uncommon skin costing just 800 V-bucks.

These skins may also hint at new Epic Games events being cooked up for Fortnite Battle Royale, all of which seem to have an icy feel to them.

Fans recently discovered a giant iceberg with a massive health bar had been added to the game.

It appears that it contained a hatch inside, which can’t be opened right now.

There’s also the question of the ice sphere and what that might do later in the game.

It seems likely that it will be part of a new in-game event, tied to the actions of the Ice King.

It’s expected that the sphere will break open, triggering a big server event that will be available for everyone to watch.

This will be followed by some kind of Ice Storm which could change the map and unlock new content.

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