Fortnite season 11 release date delayed •


We’re in the endgame now. 

Fortnite has delayed its 11th season launch by one week, which means there’s a little longer to finish your Season X Battlepass.

Season 11 will now kick off on Sunday, 13th October, Epic said in what is likely its last set of patch notes for the season.

To keep you busy until then, a final week’s worth of time-limited rewards (“Last Stop”) will begin in a few days, before this season’s delayed Overtime challenges (“Out of Time”) kick in on 8th October.

As ever, Overtime challenges will reward some new cosmetic options for existing Battlepass skins. They will also, if the leaked challenge lists are anything to go by, offer up a vast dollop of season XP to get you over the finish line.

Season X has a particularly grindy requirement to hit level 65 (not just Battlepass tier 100) to unlock all its goodies. For those still chasing its final rewards, these few extra days may well help you get there. Just, please, stop AFKing in Team Rumble.

After that? All signs point to Fortnite Season 11 featuring a drastically altered map, meaning you now have just a little bit longer to see off Season X’s messy mixture of places and game mechanics. The game’s island has never been busier, and while that has been nice as a kind of victory lap for Fortnite’s first two years, some kind of soft reset now seems well overdue.

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