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Apex Legends and  Battle Royale will trade features in March, as a Battle Pass comes to Apex and respawning hits Fortnite.

The Apex Legends Battle Pass has an early March release date, which means it could launch as early as today.

Similar to the Fortnite Battle Pass, the Apex Legends version will give players the chance to unlock new characters, new weapons and lots of exclusive loot.

Each Battle Pass season will last for four months, which means the second season will take place in June, followed by a third season in September and a fourth season in December.

But it’s not just Apex Legends borrowing from its Battle Royale rival.

If a new leak is anything to go by, Fortnite is about to adopt Apex Legends’ respawn system.

Fans over on Reddit have spotted mysterious new vans on the Fortnite map.

The vans – which only appear during replays – are believed to be respawn vehicles, similar to the beacons in Apex Legends.

You can take a look at one of the vans in the image below.

Files discovered in the 8.0 update suggest that these respawn beacons will be known as ‘Second Chance Vans’.

A Second Chance Card Pickup was also discovered in the file (via Fortnite Insider).

It’s speculated that you can collect these cards from fallen teammates and take them to vans to initiate the respawn.

Epic Games has previously discussed the idea of having respawns in Fortnite, telling Reddit users that they’ve been experimenting with it for some time.

Fortnite also appears to have borrowed the ping system from Apex Legends.

As part of update 8.0, players can now highlight points of interest for teammates.

New Locations have been added as part of the update, including a huge volcano, Lazy Lagoon and a place called Sunny Steps.

Then there’s the pirate cannon, which can be used to damage enemy structures or send players flying through the air.

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