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The Fortnite Prisoner stage 3 update is now live, and fans are busy unlocking on all platforms.

Many want to know how to get to stage 4, completing the new Fortnite skin and providing the best design for it.

For those that don’t know, the Fortnite prisoner skin is part of the recent snowfall challenge which asks players to complete all the weekly challenges in the game.

This unlocks secret battle stars and banners, which in turn unlock the new prisoner skin.

There’s still time to go through this process and its final stage – unlocking the different phases of the prisoner.

So far, players have reached stage 3 of the prisoner skin, which is achieved through finding and interacting with one of the new environmental campfires found on the map.

The stage 3 key location for the Fortnite Prisoner skin can be found in Paradise Palms.

The campfire you’re after is on one of the dusty mountains in the Paradise Palms area, within the 7-I map coordinate.

But following this, there will be stage 4 of the Fortnite prisoner skin and one of the last Battle Pass challenges available.

For now, stage 4 of the prisoner skin is not available to unlock in Fortnite Battle Royale.

But it doesn’t look like it will be long before this does happen and bring with it some interesting changes.

The Fortnite prisoner is expected to evolve during week 11 of Fortnite season 7, which could see some interesting changes.

Week 11 challenges aren’t usually provided during a normal Battle Pass season, however, it appears something is being worked on.

It could be something linked solely to the prisoner skin, or it might be something completely different.

Could we another mini event kick off with the unlock of stage 4?

Tremours has started to be felt in-game and data miners have found evidence that an earthquake is coming to the game.

Could some of these events start happening during week 11? The final stage of the prisoner skin includes lava patterns, meaning something big could be in the works.

There’s no doubt that Epic Games are working on a big season-end event and we could get a big hint what that might included next week.

The Fortnite challenge skin usually includes clues to where Epic Games want to take Fortnite Battle Royale next, during a new season.

So, February 14 could be a good day to log in and start searching for the new Fortnite prisoner skin quest.

Season 7 is scheduled to end by February 28, meaning there’s only a short time left for the quest to be completed. The change is due to a two-week break for Epic staff over Christmas, meaning Season 7 of Fortnite will last 12 weeks.

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