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 developer Epic Games has released another update for Battle Royale.

Thankfully, the new Fortnite update is only a small one, and doesn’t require any downtime.

According to the Twitter patch notes, the update fixes an auto-run issue and also improves stability.

“We are currently deploying a patch to fix some stability issues and an auto-run issue,” reads an Epic tweet.

“No maintenance is needed and the update will be downloaded the next time you close the game. It will be available progressively on all platforms.”

But it’s not all good news, because the update appears to have caused an issue with the pickaxe.

In a follow-up tweet, Epic said that it’s investigating a problem with the pickaxe doing inconsistent damage.

“We are aware of an issue with the pickaxe doing inconsistent damage for some users,” the tweet reads. “We are investigating.”

Perhaps we’ll get yet another Fortnite update to fix the issue later today.

The patch comes hot on the heels of update 8.0 for Season 8.

Update 8.0 was released alongside the brand new Season 8 Battle Pass and a fresh batch of rewards.

New Locations have been added as part of the update, including a huge volcano, Lazy Lagoon and a place called Sunny Steps.

Then there’s the pirate cannon, which can be used to damage enemy structures or send players flying through the air.

Fans are also able to ping locations to teammates on the map, similar to Apex Legends.

And based on new files discovered in Fortnite, it looks like that’s .

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