Fortnite may get another iconic horror movie character soon


Fortnite has added many iconic characters to its impressive lineup of skins over the past few years. From athletes and celebrities to movie characters and streamers, players have a lot of variety in the game.

Considering that many of these collaborations have been successful, we don’t expect Epic Games to stop doing them anytime soon. Due to this, it’s no surprise that another horror movie character may come to Fortnite soon.

Jason Voorhees, the primary antagonist of Friday the 13th series, is rumored to come to the game. There is no doubt that Jason would be a perfect addition to Fortnite, especially for its annual Halloween event.

Will Jason Voorhees come to Fortnite?

A segment from Fox 5 News recently revealed the addition of Jason Voorhees to Fortnite. On top of that, @JasonUniverse13 account on X (formerly Twitter) started following the official account of the popular game. This all sounds like a plan, which is why we expect the iconic horror movie character to come to Fortnite this year.

Since Jason’s release hasn’t been confirmed yet, we don’t know the release date of the skin. However, there is no doubt that it’d be a perfect skin for Fortnitemares. This annual Halloween event begins every October and lasts for approximately two weeks. During the last event, Epic Games added Michael Myers to Fortnite, another popular character from horror movies.

After Michael Myers, it might be time for Jason Voorhees to come to Fortnite. Image by VideoGamer

Besides Fortnite, Jason Voorhees may also come to Call of Duty. Considering that Activision has been working on many collaborations, this doesn’t come as surprise. Furthermore, the movie character was added to Multiversus last week.

Since we are still a few months away from the Fortnitemares event, we don’t expect the skin to come out soon. However, we may get some more leaks in the meantime, including information about other skins that will come with the event.

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By Asmir Pekmic 29 May 2024


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