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Epic Games has confirmed that the new Fortnite 7.20 update is being scheduled for launch tomorrow, January 15.

This includes their plans for scheduled maintenance and to release patch notes for PS4, Xbox, Switch, PC and Mobile gamers.

We already know about some of the big stuff being launched tomorrow, including a way to redeploy your glider.

Epic Games are trying to work with fan feedback following their earlier test of glider redeployment, by making it an itemized option.

This will mean that redeployment will be an option for those who want it but will have to sacrifice inventory space to use it.

“By implementing glider redeploy as an item we can iterate on multiple different levels (i.e. redeploy height, movement speed, drop chance, charge count), including inventory slot tension,” a message from Epic Games reads.

“Activate Glider Redeploy as you normally would, you do not need to select the item.

“The new Glider Redeploy item can be found in floor loot, Chests, Vending Machines, and Supply Llamas.”

Fortnite update 7.20 also looks guaranteed to include the Scoped Revolver weapon.

It appears the new weapon is a six-shot pistol that can be used at range, packs a punch and provides perfect accuracy at range.

The upcoming update will also make some pretty major gameplay fixes, while Save the World will be given away for free to select Xbox One owners.

Other changes will include some key building tweaks that will help walls stop glitching into the ground.

Epic’s Sean Hamilton posted: “Ever had problems where you create a wall but it’s mostly underground and just too darn short?

“Well, do we have news for you! Starting in v7.20, get 2 walls for the price of 1 if the wall you’re going to build is more than 70% underground.”


As tomorrow will see a fully-fledged update released, it means there will be server downtime.

Epic Games usually announce in advance if they plan to take the game offline for a certain length of time.

And this happened today, with the official Fortnite Twitter page posting plans for scheduled maintenance.

Here is the latest news from Epic Games, who posted on Twitter: “Deploy your Gliders!

“Patch v7.20 releases tomorrow, January 15. Downtime begins at 5 AM ET(1000 GMT).”

As mentioned above, the new update will go live at around 10am in the UK and will be released alongside full patch notes.

These notes will include all the major changes coming to Battle Royale mode and will also answer questions on just how powerful the new revolvers will be.

It’s unclear if the Driftboard will also be making an appearing in Fortnite tomorrow, with a recent Epic Games post suggesting that more work is needed on the item.

In a post on Reddit, a rep for Epic Games said: “We know we set the expectation for the Driftboard to release in the coming update.

“Unfortunately, we’ve decided to hold the release of this new vehicle to make some final quality of life changes and other polish improvements.”

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