Fortnite: All Pirates of the Caribbean Skins, Ranked


Fans of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean received a treat recently, in which they could take some of their favorite characters from the franchise and use them in Fortnite across various modes. Whether players duke it out in Battle Royale, rock to some music in Fortnite Festival, or even build a plastic life with LEGO, the Fortnite x Pirates of the Caribbean collab makes all of these even more enjoyable.

Yet, with an additional 5 skins added to the roster, it begs the question of how these outfits rank up against each other, and which of them claims the title of the pirate king and the best Pirates of the Caribbean outfit in Fortnite.

5) Elizabeth Swann: The Pirate King

Image: Epic Games

Elizabeth Swann seems like a great choice for Fortnite. After all, she’s the greatest female character in Pirates of the Caribbean and holds her own against the likes of Will Turner and Jack Sparrow. Nevertheless, her outfit in Fortnite seems a tad bland, as she doesn’t resemble Keira Knightley much, and the outfit isn’t adorned with many colors and is simply an overcoat and an optional hat.

Elizabeth Swann has had one of the best character developments in a movie trilogy. Starting out as a noble daughter of a Governor, Elizabeth Swann would find her heart seeking bravery and romance when she found herself in a crusade with and against pirates. Elizabeth has a strong heart and a talent for leadership, and it’s great to see her get recognition in Fortnite.

4) Captain Barbossa: A Legendary Pirate Who Makes His Own Fate

Image: Epic Games

it’s great to see Captain Barbossa leave his desires for fortune and the Black Pearl behind to see what all the fuss is about with Fortnite. As a pirate skin, Barbossa has everything players would need. An oversized hat, a detailed garb, but a severe lack of something… This skin would have been rated higher if it came with his pet monkey, Jack.

Captain Barbossa is one of the best pirates to ever live. He’s a man who mainly serves himself and shows that the Pirate’s Code is something that can be rather flexible to suit one’s self. Running around Fortnite with Barbossa seems like a blast, but just be careful he doesn’t try and steal loot since he’s always been a crafty one.

3) Cursed Jack Sparrow: The Curse Of Stealing Aztec Gold

Image: Epic Games

It’s surprising to see Cursed Jack Sparrow as a Fortnite outfit when the likes of Will Turner are missing from the roster. Nevertheless, it’s a welcome surprise, for the skin looks ghastly in all the right ways. It’s a rare skin for the fact that Fortnite doesn’t do actual skeleton outfits, probably because of how thin they appear, since Jack’s left arm is literally a bone with plenty of area to see through.

The face is perhaps the best part, as although it’s cool to see the tattered outfit, the skull with the human eyes is a really great touch that adds an element of mystical creepiness. It’s Jack’s own fault he looks like that since he shouldn’t have touched any Aztec gold.

2) Davy Jones: The Captain Of The Flying Dutchman

Image: Epic Games

The dreaded horror that rules the Seven Seas, Davy Jones is a force to be reckoned with. Davy Jones may be cursed to haunt the oceans for eternity, but that doesn’t mean he can’t take a quick break and see what’s happening in Fortnite. The outfit here is near perfect to his movie counterpart, complete with his crab peg leg and his left arm being a claw.

Whilst these setbacks might make it seem like Davy Jones is a poor choice for a squad mate, players should not judge his ability in a fight. After all, this is the legendary Davy Jones, who still looks as good as he did when he appeared almost 20 years ago, played by Bill Nighy.

1) Jack Sparrow: The Best (And Worst) Pirate Who Ever Lived

Image: Epic Games

Whilst Jack Sparrow might be regarded as the worst pirate who ever lived, it’s hard to deny his appeal. His sass and mannerisms make him a respectable drunk, and a pirate that everyone wants on their team. Jack Sparrow rarely has a plan, but somehow always manages to come out on top thanks to a lucky streak that doesn’t seem to end, and that lucky streak sees him take the title of the best Pirates of the Caribbean skin in Fortnite.

The resemblance to Johnny Depp is pretty good, but the poses and emotes that make Jack Sparrow so unique are all here in Fortnite, along with his iconic pirate garb. It’s instantly recognizable, so why not jump into Battle Royale with this shifty pirate?

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By Jake Fillery 23 June 2024


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