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 fans only have a few hours left to complete the 14 Days of Summer challenge.

As the name suggests, the 14 Days of Summer event featured two weeks of bonus challenges on PS4, Xbox One, PC, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch.

After an additional week to hoover up any remaining challenges and unlock the final rewards, the 14 Days of Summer event is officially coming to an end.

According to the in-game countdown timer, the 14 Days of Summer challenges will disappear at 1pm UK time on July 16.

This means you’d better hurry if you want to complete the challenges before they disappear.

Each challenge comes with its own reward, including new emotes, sprays, Back Bling and Harvesting Tools.

The ultimate prize for completing all 14 challenges is Smoothie Back Bling, which goes nicely with the Perfect Blend emoticon.

In another twist to the tale, some of the challenges must be completed before you can unlock later rewards.

For example, bouncing a giant beach ball in different matches unlocks the Summer Splashdown skin, which is needed for the penultimate challenge.

Likewise, you’ll need to launch fireworks found along the river bank to unlock the Low ‘n’ Slow Harvesting Tool needed for the final challenge.

If you’re stuck on any of the challenges, click the links below for any map locations and solutions you may need.

And remember, you only have a few hours left to unlock the Smoothie Back Bling, so there’s no time to waste.

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