Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s third chapter could release by 2027


The next chapter of the Final Fantasy 7 remake could arrive much sooner than expected.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Ultimania, a new guidebook published by Square Enix, has revealed fresh tidbits about the upcoming third part of the modern Final Fantasy 7 trilogy. The highly-anticipated final chapter of the franchise, which is set to conclude the events laid out in Remake and Rebirth, is currently in development at Square Enix – and according to director Tetsuya Nomura, it might arrive sooner than expected.

According to Nomura, as translated by Audrey aka @aitaikimochi, work on the third Final Fantasy 7 remake chapter is well under way. The main story has already been completed, and Nomura expects voice recording will begin soon.

Nomura has also shared there are new, proposed ideas for the upcoming game, and he and the team are currently pondering how to include them. According to Audrey’s translation, Nomura believes fans will be happy with these additions, despite the ideas not appearing in the original game.

Speaking further about the development of ‘Part 3’, Nomura has expressed high hopes that this chapter can satisfy fans without sacrificing quality for a short development time. Nomura believes the team is on track to complete Part 3 in the same time it took to make Rebirth, which is about three years.

Given this timeline, it appears Square Enix is aiming to release the next Final Fantasy 7 chapter around 2027, three years on from the launch of Rebirth. This timeline is reportedly only possible due to Square Enix retaining the development team from Remake and Rebirth, ensuring skills and knowledge are also retained.

At this stage, there is no guarantee the upcoming third chapter of the Final Fantasy 7 remake sticks to Square Enix’s planned timeline, but it does appear Nomura is hopeful that the game will release in a timely manner. Should the series conclude as intended, the modern Final Fantasy 7 story will wrap up seven years after it first began.

Stay tuned for new updates, as Square Enix continues to work on the upcoming game.

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By Leah J. Williams 15 April 2024


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