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Final Fantasy 7 fans could face a longer wait for the Remake to be released.

Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake director Tetsuya Nomura recently addressed the Kingdom Hearts 3 leaks from late last year.

In an interview with Famitsu (via Siliconera), Nomura said that the risk of a leak was higher with simultaneous worldwide releases.

Because of the Kingdom Hearts 3 leak, Nomura hinted that his next game – Final Fantasy 7 Remake – could have a staggered release/.

“That being said, the only thing that really disappointed me about everything is that it brought sad thoughts to people who were looking forward to Kingdom Hearts 3,” he said. 

“The risk is higher with simultaneous worldwide releases, and because of this incident I can’t help but reconsider what I’ll do for my next games, including simultaneous worldwide releases of physical copies at the very least.”

With development taking place in Japan, it’s possible UK and US fans will have to wait longer for the game to be available in these regions.

It was recently suggested that Final Fantasy 7 Remake would be demonstrated at an event in April.

Picked up by respected Final Fantasy channels like The Night Sky Prince and shared on Reddit, a 4Chan post claims that Square Enix will hold a two-hour event in April.

While it’s worth taking with a shaker worth of salt, the event is said to be similar in scale to the Final Fantasy XV Uncovered stream from 2016.

Each major character will reportedly be showcased with their own trailer, while the Materia and combat system will also be explored in great detail.

The post even claims that the release date for the first episode will be revealed for late 2020.

Whether the event takes place or not, fans can expect to find out more about the project once Kingdom Hearts 3 is released on January 29.

The Disney/Square Enix crossover has received critical acclaim ahead of launch.

IGN awards the game an impressive 8.7/10, explaining that Square Enix has done a fantastic job of capturing the spirit of the different properties.

Kingdom Hearts 3 received a near-perfect 4.5/5 from USGamer, which describes it as a “wild ride of bonkers Disney interactions and some exciting boss battles”.

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