Fast-Paced Arcade Brawler Super Crush KO Blasts Onto Switch Next Month



Graceful Explosion Machine developer Vertex Pop has today revealed that its next project, Super Crush K.O., will be blasting its way onto Switch next month.

The game is a fast-paced brawler which combines beat-em-up and run ‘n gun action. Players take control of fashionable protagonist Karen – not that one – on a journey through a colourful world overrun by frantic robot enemies. Karen must wipe them out using punches, kicks and long-range combat in fluid combos on the way to save her cat Chubbz – and humanity, too.

As you can see in the fancy new trailer above, the game boasts bright, hand-drawn graphics, a welcoming pastel colour palette and a catchy soundtrack. We really enjoyed Graceful Explosion Machine when it came to Switch not long after the console’s launch, so hopefully this next Vertex Pop title will be equally impressive.

– Lightning-fast gameplay that seamlessly blends run n’ gun action and intense beat-em-up combat
– Launch, juggle, and shoot waves of robots out of the sky in stylish, easy-to-execute combos
– Keep your score climbing from enemy to enemy with thunderous ground smashes, high flying aerial attacks, and the devastating Super Beam
– Blast through a vibrant world inspired by colourful urban cityscapes and pastel skylines
– Online leaderboards and ranking systems will keep you coming back to S-Rank over 20 challenging levels


It’ll be available directly from the Switch eShop on 16th January.

Will you be adding this one to your Switch library?

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