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Fallout 76 DLC (Image: BETHESDA)

Fallout 76 developer Bethesda has revealed patch notes for update 7.

The update revolves around the Wild Appalachia DLC, which introduces new quests, gameplay and much more.

It all begins with the Wasted on Nukashine quest, which will introduce players to some of the new gameplay.

“Your path to becoming the Wasteland’s premiere bartender will begin near Vault-Tec University,” reads a Bethesda post.

“There you will relive the glory days of VTU’s finest and discover the mischief they got up to outside of the classroom.

“Your continued studies will lead you to a notorious speakeasy, introduce you to Biv—Appalachia’s tipsiest robot, and teach you to craft the illicit Nukashine using the all-new Brewing Station.”

The Brewing Station is a new kind of workbench that lets players create a variety of drinks. Drinks provide players with positive stat boosts and negative side effects.

As you can see from the patch notes, the update adds a player reporting feature, challenge tracking and weapon balances.

Fallout 76 DLC

Fallout 76 DLC (Image: BETHESDA)


• New Questline – Wasted on Nukashine

• Begin this questline by finding and reading one of the Party Invitation Posters that VTU students have plastered throughout Appalachia, including at Train Stations, to join in the revelry.

• Party Invitation Posters are also available for free in the Atomic Shop until 9:00 a.m. EDT on April 9. Once claimed, you can place the poster in your C.A.M.P. and read it to begin the quest.

• New Crafting System – Brewing and Distilling

• A new Brewing Workbench has been added that you’ll learn to build by completing the Wasted on Nukashine questline. Use it to craft a variety of new Wines, Spirits, Beers, and Mixed Drinks that will temporarily apply positive and negative effects when consumed.

• Several Brewing and Distilling Daily and Weekly Challenges have also been added.

• New C.A.M.P. Object – Fermenter

• Some drinks require fermentation time before they’re ready to be consumed. Wines and Spirits can also be aged further to gain additional, more powerful effects.

• The Fermenter C.A.M.P. object has been added to aid in this process and can be unlocked by completing Wasted on Nukashine.

• Brew up a new batch of drinks using the Brewing Workbench and then use the Fermenter to select those concoctions and age them twice as fast.

• New Daily Quests – Brewing and Distilling

• Once per day, after you’ve completed the Wasted on Nukashine questline, you can speak to Biv to continue experimentation and occasionally learn new recipes.

• Sometimes, you’ll be asked to imbibe various types of alcohol and perform specific tasks. Other times, you’ll learn a new recipe and will need to craft the brew to Biv’s satisfaction.

• New Seasonal Event Quest – Fasnacht Parade

• This repeatable, limited-time event will be available for one week, from March 19 – 26.

• Travel to the town of Helvetia to aid the local Protectrons as they prepare for the annual Fasnacht celebration and parade. Guide the bots to the end of their parade route to claim new loot, which may include new C.A.M.P. plans, and gain a chance to earn a fantastic Fasnacht mask.

• There are many Fasnacht masks up for grabs, and some are exceedingly rare. Trade with your friends to acquire any particular mask that catches your eye.

• Check out our recent articles on Fallout.com to learn more about Brewing and Distilling and the Fasnacht Parade Seasonal Event.


• Server Maintenance: The messages displayed when servers are taken offline for maintenance have been updated:

• The message displayed when an individual server is shut down for maintenance is now: “Please join another World. This World will be undergoing maintenance soon.”

• The message displayed when Fallout 76 is brought offline for maintenance is now: “Game Services are shutting down for maintenance soon.”


• Change Appearance: Players can now preview Atomic Shop items while navigating the in-game Change Appearance menu.

• After entering Change Appearance from the menu on the Map, Atomic Shop items such as hairstyles and tattoos will now populate the list of appearance changes that players can preview.

• Select an item and then choose “View in Atomic Shop” to open the Atomic Shop and unlock that item using Atoms.

• Workbenches: Players can now also preview Atomic Shop items, such as paints, headwear, and outfits, from the list of craftable items that appears after entering a Workbench.

• This functions much like previewing Atomic Shop items in a Workshop, or in the Change Appearance menu as mentioned above.

• Additionally, a toggle has been added that players can use to show or hide unowned Atomic Shop items in a Workbench’s craftable item list.


• Energy Weapons: The amount of condition damage heavy energy weapons take per shot has been greatly reduced, and they should now last 4 to 5 times longer before needing repairs.

• Energy Weapons: The amount of condition damage semi-auto energy weapons take per shot has been reduced by half, and they should last twice as long before needing repairs.

• Energy Weapons: Base damage for semi-auto energy weapons has been increased by 10%.

• Heavy Weapons: High rate-of-fire automatic heavy weapons have had their fire-rates reduced across the board, and weapon damage has been increased by +10% to maintain their original damage per second.

• Dev Note: For high rate-of-fire heavy weapons, we wanted to drastically increase their effective damage per second against armor without pushing their baseline damage per second too high. This change in fire-rate provided room for a damage increase to help punch through armor more effectively.

• Heavy Weapons: Weapon damage for all other automatic heavy weapons has been increased by 10% to 20%.

• Heavy Weapons: The amount of condition damage automatic ballistic heavy weapons take per shot has been reduced by 75%.

• Dev Note: We hope that some of these adjustments for energy and heavy weapons will help your guns feel more useful, from their durability to their ammo consumption rates. We know that some in the community have also been asking for weight changes for heavy weapons. While we haven’t addressed that in today’s patch, we do plan to make improvements with a future update and we will let you know as soon as we’re ready to share more details.

• Flux: Different types of Flux have had their weights and sell values adjusted:

• Stable Flux: Base value increased to 100 Caps.

• Raw Flux: Base value reduced to 10 Caps.

• Inert Flux: Weight reduced to 0.2 pounds, base value reduced to 0 Caps, and can no longer be sold to Vendors.

Fallout 76 DLC

Fallout 76 DLC (Image: BETHESDA)


• Budget Adjustments: Some C.A.M.P. objects, such as Turrets and Lights, now consume far less budget, but also have a maximum amount that can be placed in a C.A.M.P. or Workshop.

• These object recipes in the crafting menu now display how many of that item have already been built by the player in a C.A.M.P. or Workshop, including how many they have stored, as well as the maximum amount that can be placed.

• Dev Note: Adding a max count to certain objects allows us to reduce those objects’ budget costs, while allowing us to keep an eye on their specific usage, as well as balance and performance. As a result, you’ll be able to build more stuff, and we’ll have more flexibility to refine and adjust C.A.M.P. and Workshop structure balance and performance.

• C.A.M.P. Placement Adjustments: Occasionally, new game content may need to occupy a space in the world that was previously usable as a C.A.M.P. location. When this occurs, a new no-build zone will be placed in that spot, preventing players from building there in the future.

• If a player’s pre-existing C.A.M.P. location would overlap a new no-build zone on joining a world, a notification will now inform them that their C.A.M.P. cannot be placed, and they will be given one free C.A.M.P. placement.

• C.A.M.P.: Several additional environment objects, such as grasses, ferns, and swamp fungus, will now disappear when the player builds C.A.M.P. objects on top of them.

• Radios: Classical and Appalachia Radios can now be crafted and placed in C.A.M.P.s and Workshops.


• AFK Timer: The timer that disconnects players after a period of inactivity is now 25% longer when sitting or sleeping.

• Carry Weight Limit: A new “Destroy” option will now appear in place of the “Drop” option when a player who has exceeded the absolute maximum weight limit of 1,500 pounds plus the character’s current carry weight views items in their inventory.

• Selecting this option will destroy the selected item. This can be repeated with additional items until the player’s total weight meets or falls below the absolute limit.

• While above the absolute weight limit, items can no longer be dropped, traded, or consumed. They can only be kept or destroyed.

• Dev Note: As part of our ongoing quest to improve the game’s overall economy, performance, and address items created as a result of exploit abuse, we’ve decided to implement a “Destroy” option for players who have surpassed the absolute weight limit. This should also help reduce cases of excessive item hoarding, as well as prevent duped items from being dropped and making their way into unsuspecting players’ hands.


• Challenge Tracking: A tracker has been added to the Map to help players take note of their current active Challenges at a glance, and enable them to monitor progress on the Challenges they choose to track.

• Players can now access the Challenges menu directly from the Map and selecting a Challenge from the list will add it to the tracker.

• Open the Map at any time to view any tracked Challenges, as well as progress toward Challenge completion.

• Notifications will now display whenever progress is made toward a tracked Challenge.

• Player Reporting System: A new “Report Player” option has been added, and will appear below the “Block” option upon clicking a player’s name in the Social Menu.

• Clicking “Report Player” will open a reporting menu that features several reporting options, including: Cheating/Exploiting, Harassment, Offensive Name, and Real-World Threat.

• Some reportable behaviors may fall under one of these categories. For example, offensive language can be reported using the Harassment category, and scamming or using bots can be reported as Cheating/Exploiting.

• Selecting one of the above reporting options will send a report to the Bethesda Customer Service team for further investigation.

• Main Menu: The background video that plays while viewing the Main Menu has been updated with a new Wild Appalachia themed video.

• Main Menu: The Atomic Shop option on the Main Menu will now appear greyed-out with a loading spinner until the Shop is fully loaded.

• Chat Volume Setting: A new Chat slider has been added to the Audio Settings menu and can be adjusted to increase or decrease the volume of incoming voice chat.

• World Radios Setting: A new World Radios slider has been added to the Audio Settings menu and can be adjusted to increase or decrease the volume of all in-world radios. The existing Radio Volume slider has been renamed Pip-Boy Radio, and both settings can be adjusted independently of one another.

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