Expect the Unexpected In Wild Hearts – A Pre-launch Review


Wild Hearts is a single and multiplayer adventure, action-role playing video game developed by Omega Force a subsidiary of Koei Tecmo and set in the fantasy world of Azuma in feudal Japan where monstrous creatures known as Kimona are causing chaos and destruction.

Gamers work together to battle these monsters with powerful weapons and the karakori, an ancient technology that will give you an edge in battle. Together you take on these beasts and restore peace to Azuma.

Battle Kimonas In the Four Regions of Azuma

Azuma is divided into four different regions, each with its own unique culture and history from the spring-like grandeur of Hanagasumi hills to the summer-inspired expanses of sand in the golden sea, you’ll get to experience the different seasons of Japan. 

The season you are in is not trivial as it affects your choice of armour – warmer armour is the best choice in blizzard conditions for instance and also the Kimona adapt to their environment making battles that much more intriguing.

The Kimona are fierce and challenging, each one is unique with its own strengths and weaknesses. A Kimona called the Death Stalker for instance is a wolf-like creature with ice claws, while the King Tusk is a boar-like monster with tree roots for limbs. The most dangerous Kimona is the Golden Tempest, which is a tiger-like being with tendrils that can blow wind and flakes of gold. It can even use the vents on its body to fly.

Craft Weapons With Karakori Technology In Wild Hearts

Gamers have a selection of eight different weapons to choose from including the karakori katana, bladed wagasa and bao. Each weapon has its own unique playstyle and abilities, and the karakori can be used to enhance them even further. The karakori katana for example can extend into a whip-like shape for greater reach and damage. 

As you defeat these monsters, you’ll collect materials that can be used to craft better armour and weapons, which is a classic hunting game strategy and very satisfying. 

The karakori technology can also be used to construct unique structures and items that will give you an edge in battle, from the basic karakori like crates and gliders to the fusion karakori, which are combinations of basic karakori that can be used for defensive purposes and thus making gameplay exciting with limitless permutations. Also, as you progress through the game, you will be able to unlock new abilities and skills making your hunter even more powerful

Team up with Friends Using Co-op Multiplayer Mode In Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts has a co-op multiplayer mode where you can team up with friends and take on the biggest and fiercest Kimona with a vast array of karakori-enhanced weaponry. Wild Hearts also offers great character customisation options, which allows you to create your own monster hunter and tailor them to your playing style. Further customisation is achieved with various emotes, chat stamps, armour and weapon skins. 

Wild Hearts Set For Launch

Wild Hearts promises to be a fun game to play in both single and multiplayer modes. There is a lot of humour and creativity from wacky over-the-top weapon designs to the silly emotes and chat stamps, the game never takes itself too seriously and that is what makes it stand-out from other games in the monster hunter genre. 

Wild Hearts offers a great story, it is visually appealing, the Kimona are challenging and it is a delight to take them down strategically, there is no chance of monotony with a slew of weaponry and enhancements. 

Wild Hearts will be published by Electronic Arts on February 17, 2023 for the Xbox SeriesPS5 and PC. But you can place a pre-order on any of these platforms today for $69.99 and $89.99 for the Standard and Karakuri editions respectively.


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