Everspace 2: Release Times


Everspace 2 is finally ready to leave Early Access, and players are primed to get out into space and see what the 1.0 version has to offer.

Everspace 2 follows in the footsteps of its predecessor with a few significant alterations. Everspace 2 sheds some of the roguelike elements and replaces them with a wider array of explorable zones and missions. It also features a full-length story with many twists and turns. Returning fans will find that the sequel has significantly more substance and depth than the original.

Everspace 2 is coming to PC on April 6th, 2023. PC players are primed to jump into their ship and fly through the Ceto system to see what the full, 1.0 release has to offer. Here’s when the release will drop for each time zone.

Everspace 2 Release Times

Everspace 2 players have been piloting their ships in Early Access for just over two years now. Rockfish Games, the indie developers of the Everspace franchise, have spent that time refining and adding to the game. They’ve made many major improvements to the game’s level scaling, loot systems, and more. They’ve even added HOTAS support for the fans that are so inclined.

Now that Everspace 2 is ready to leave Early Access, it will be launching its 1.0 version on April 6th at 10AM PT. That means it’ll be out at 1PM ET, 6PM GMT, and 7PM CET. Rockfish Games will be hosting a live steam that same day at 11PM PT which will appear on their Twitch channel.

An Xbox One and PS5 version are set to release in the summer. There’s been no word yet on the exact timing, but Rockfish will surely be making an announcement as summer draws closer. In the meantime, the first Everspace game is still available on consoles for players that want to warm up their flight skills.

Rockfish has stated that progress players have made during Early Access can technically be transferred over. However, with all the new additions made in the 1.0 release, they strongly recommend that players start a new save file. Apparently, there are quite a few achievements, items, and more that players will miss out on if they choose to continue from their Early Access save.

Everspace 2 will release for PC April 6th, 2023 with an Xbox One and PS5 version coming in the summer of 2023.


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