Dr. Dre Initially Passed On His GTA Online Appearance As He Thought It Was “For Kids”


It appears Dr. Dre hasn’t played too many video games.

GTA Online is a world of its own. The game has its own economy, its own casino, and even a millionaire’s private island which you can rob in an Ocean’s 11-esque excapade. One of GTA Online’s most recent events though was The Contract, featuring none other than hip hop legend Dr. Dre.

Dre mostly played himself throughout the events of The Contract, but it seems that he had initially passed on the whole thing because it seemed a bit too childish to him. Thankfully, he was convinced by DJ Pooh, a music producer and screenwriter who has worked with Rockstrar on a number of projects – primarily GTA: San Andreas.

“Initially it was just no,” said DJ Pooh in an interview with BET. “But that’s the normal answers you get from Dre. I mean, I was surprised I got him to do The Wash but he had already promised me that so he couldn’t back out. But the answer was initially no because Dre’s not a gamer. He just didn’t play any of the games. It’s not like he dislikes them or something, he just didn’t play them. He was like I don’t make things for kids.”

DJ Pooh eventually convinced Dre by bringing over his own PlayStation and a copy of GTA 5. It seems Dre was quite impressed. “He was blown away. He didn’t know you could do all this stuff — all the layers of gameplay that people are calling the metaverse, but it’s doper than that,” said DJ Pooh. “He was like, ‘This shit is awesome,’ and he’s seeing me driving around in a lowrider. We out here putting different rims on the car, getting in a shootout, hanging out with my friends, I got a girlfriend – all that!”

After that, Dr. Dre was onboard, heading to the Rockstar studio for voice recording as well as motion capture sessions for his character, and also giving his own inputs. Despite his conversations with Rockstar execs, it was apparently only DJ Pooh who convinced Dre to get onboard with the project. That, and the fact that the event was based around the music industry.


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