Destiny 2 Dataminers Admit To Faking Subscription Plan Leak


Jebaited the entire community.

There was some unrest within the Destiny 2 community when reports of a possible monthly subscription plan poured in. The news came via the D2 Datamines Discord server. However, it appears that the whole thing was completely made up, as the dataminers have come forward and admitted to faking the news.

Spotted by Destiny Tracker, Elliot, the dataminer from the Discord server, admitted that the information was fake. “Was gonna just let this keep on going, but since it grew really large and people are actually worried outside of the server we just wanted to formally apologize and admit that we trolled everyone,” Elliot wrote. They also mentioned that such ‘joke posts’ will be labeled going forward.

The major reason the leak seemed believable in the first place was because of how detailed it was. It also came from a generally credible source which just added fuel to the fire. Now, even though the dataminers apologized, this could make the community question their credibility going forward as this one instance could be seen as crying wolf.

Although, a monthly subscription model could be an option for Bungie as the community has already called it out for raising the prices of the yearly expansions. It also made players pay extra for accessing Dungeons, in case they haven’t purchased the Deluxe Edition of the yearly DLC. This felt like an indication that the dev is looking to monetize the game further. All these factors made people believe that Bungie might just do it.

In other news, a recent report suggested that Bungie’s upcoming third-person game will be made using Destiny 2’s Tiger Engine. This was confirmed via a job listing that mentioned the same, which was later changed to remove any mention of the engine. Bungie has been working on a new title outside the Destiny universe for a while now, and it seems to be picking up the pace as Destiny 2’s story enters its final leg.


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