Creepy new Layers of Fear 2 footage aired at PAX South •


Brand new footage of horror sequel Layers of Fear 2 was aired during a panel this weekend at PAX South.

The video showed us more of the game’s Titanic-like boat-at-sea setting as well as a glimpse at the creepy and surreal moments awaiting us there. We also heard a snippet of Tony Todd’s voiceover – he who was once the Candyman – and yes, he’s absolutely still scary.

Layers of Fear 2 moves the series from centering on art to the history of cinema, and from a mansion to an ocean liner. In the game, you play an actor struggling with past trauma while trying to prepare for the role of a lifetime. The question the game poses is: if you’ve given so many pieces of yourself to roles, how much of you remains?

Layers of Fear 2 has no release date more specific than “2019”, and I couldn’t get Bloober or publisher Gun to budge on it when I spoke to them after the panel.

Platforms are unconfirmed as well. There was a suggestion, during the panel, Layers of Fear 2 would come to VR – the panelists went coy when someone asked and they said they couldn’t comment. I followed this up. They clarified Layers 2 will, first and foremost, be a multiplatform game as you’re expecting; whether VR will join the party they still would not say.

Still, it’s not a “no” and that bodes well. It’s exciting too, because so far a proper Bloober VR experience has eluded us. Layers 1 did get VR, but in the form of a stripped-down Google Daydream mobile spin-off called Solitude, which wasn’t very good. Observer, the studio’s other excellent horror game – the cyberpunky one – didn’t get any VR support at all (although people found a way to enable it).

Incidentally, even if Layers 2 does get VR support, Bloober won’t go back and add it to Layers 1 or Observer – the studio has moved on from those games, I was told.

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