Coffin Dodgers: Retirement Racing with a Side of Laughter


In a world filled with high-octane racing simulation games jam-packed with adrenaline-pumping tracks, there’s a corner reserved for those who seek a different type of racing experience.

Those who prefer a walk on the weird side. Coffin Dodgers is that sort of game. This is a game that boldly steps into the realm of quirky, retirement-home-inspired racing. It invites gamers to embrace our inner geriatric daredevils and challenge the Grim Reaper himself. I may have had Blue Oyster Cult playing on my Spotify while reviewing this game. With chaos-abundant, mobility scooters and a sense of humor not too far removed from the humor of Frankie Boyle, this game will offer you a racing experience unlike any other, and to be honest, I had no idea what I let myself in for, but I’m glad I got to review this game.

The Saga of Sunny Pines

Coffin Dodgers takes place in the unlikely setting of Sunny Pines Retirement Village, where a group of people likely to be knocking on heaven’s proverbial door realize one very unsettling truth: Death himself has arrived to pay them a visit, and he’s here for their souls. Instead of going gently into that good night, the senior citizens decide to stage an outlandish series of races in their mobility scooters to try and outrun the Grim Reaper. It’s a premise that combines dark humor with quirk and whimsy, and it sets the stage for the many zany racing antics that follow.

A Race for the Ages

At its core, Coffin Dodgers is an arcade-style racer that encourages us gamers to embrace the absurdity of the situation. The gameplay is thus necessarily simple, but as addictive as elderly people seem to think digestive biscuits are. You select one of the seven elderly characters, each with their own unique personalities and characteristics, strap into a fully customizable mobility scooter, and hit the tracks.

The tracks themselves are a spectacular mix of the extraordinary and the mundane. Imagine, if you will, racing through a tranquil retirement village that has been suddenly transformed into a racetrack complete with ramps, obstacles, and shortcuts. Wheelchairs double as hazards and laundry lines become impromptu zip lines. This is what the game has to offer, and this is all part of the bleak, humorous, and chaotic charm that defines Coffin Dodgers.

The controls are relatively easy to grasp, and I really did appreciate the left-handed mode which allowed me to keep up with my mate for the multiplayer modes. The controls really are accessible to people of all ages, skill levels, and hand dominance, which as a left-handed person, I was incredibly grateful for. Acceleration, steering, and braking are all relatively straightforward, allowing you to focus on the manic and madcap races rather than wrestling with complex controls. This simplicity encourages a quick pick-up-and-play ethic, making this game ideal for casual game gatherings and parties.

One standout feature for me was the inclusion of power-ups scattered across the tracks. These range from the tactical (such as smoke screens that make you temporarily invisible to other players) to the absurd (such as giant springs that send your opponents bouncing high up into the air). They add a MarioKart-like unpredictability to the races and mean you have to be a bit strategic. Timing when to use these and anticipating your opponents becomes the key to victory here.

The Hilarity factor

The true and beating heart of Coffin Dodgers lies in its innate ability to tickle your funny bone. The humor permeates throughout every aspect of the game, from the eccentric character designs to the absolutely absurd racing scenarios. Each character in Sunny Pines has a distinct personality, complete with hilarious and dry one-liners and exaggerated animations. There’s Hank, a grizzled veteran with a penchant for making things blow up, or Wilbur, the tech-savvy genius whose scooter can deploy drones.

The races themselves are a riot. Watching characters rocket down the street in their mobility scooters, careening off walls, and zipping through makeshift ramps never feels dull or boring. It’s the kind of humor that celebrates the absurdity of the situation, and it’s hard not to laugh as you send your opponents flying with a well-timed power-up or watch as your fellow senior citizens pull off gravity-defying jumps.

Adding to the hilarity are the race commentators. These are two of the Grim Reaper’s assistants who provide snarky commentary throughout the races. Their banter and comically exaggerated reactions to the races are similar to the commentary usually heard in WWE games, with more humor, and add a little more spice and humor to the charm of this game.

Customization and Upgrades

While the core gameplay of Coffin Dodgers is necessarily straightforward, there’s also depth offered through the customization and upgrades available throughout this game. Gamers can personalize their scooters and characters through a wide variety of cosmetic options, from wacky hats (including a Tam O’Shanter, which as a New Scot made me laugh) to paint jobs. It seems like a simple touch, but it adds a sense of ownership to your ride and your character.

More importantly, players can upgrade their scooters using in-game currency earned through races. These upgrades range from improved speed and handling to enhanced power-ups. The ability to fine-tune your scooter to your playstyle adds an extra layer of strategy to the game. For example, do you focus on outrunning your opponents, or do you choose violence and invest in power-ups to disrupt their progress?

The Challenge of Sunny Pines

While Coffin Dodgers excels in accessibility and humor, it doesn’t shy away from being a challenging game with a fairly steep difficulty curve. The single-player campaign consists of races and time trials, with each race growing progressively more difficult. The AI-controlled opponents become more aggressive and ruthless while the tracks get simultaneously more crazy and treacherous as you progress throughout the game.

For completionists and masochists such as myself, there are also numerous and sometimes onerous challenges and achievements to conquer as you race towards that shiny 100% completion rate. These range from beating races with certain characters to completing races without the use of power-ups. They really are tough to complete, but add to the replayability factor for those who seek to complete the game fully.

Multiplayer Madcap Mayhem

What’s a bit of retirement racing without a good bit of friendly (or not-so-friendly) competition? Coffin Dodgers offers local multiplayer in split-screen mode. Racing against friends and family is where this game truly shines. The laughter and banter that ensued as I sent Rich The Paisley Gooner flying off a ramp or disrupting his race with a power-up was absolutely priceless. This feature really does cement this game as an ideal party game. It’s easy for the casual gamer to pick up and play, making sure that everyone can come, play, and revel in the hilarity. Whether that’s with your best mate over some delicious Z Game Energy, or grandparents with a good sense of humor, the game’s simple mechanics and humor make it a fantastic addition to any party or gathering.

Graphics and Sound

Coffin Dodgers isn’t exactly Forza Horizon 5, but then it doesn’t need to be. The art style fits perfectly with the game’s tone, with colorful and cartoonish visuals that enhance the humor. The character designs are similarly exaggerated and expressive, adding to the comedic tone and atmosphere.

The soundtrack complements the gameplay with upbeat and quirky tunes that match the chaotic racing experience. The voice acting, particularly the humorous quips and sarcastic one-liners from each character and the commentators add to the overall charm of this game.


Coffin Dodgers is a delightful departure from the norm in the world of racing games in general. It embraces the strange and absurd with arms wide open, delivering a humorous and accessible experience great for both casual and experienced gamers. The simple controls, crazy powerups, and character-driven sense of humor ensure everyone will have a blast, whether you’re taking on your best mate or taking the AI on in a series of mobility scooter showdowns.

The gameplay doesn’t reinvent the wheel, it’s true, but the focus on fun and laughter sets the game apart. The customization options and upgrades add plenty of depth to the game for those seeking strategy in their retirement racing endeavors. Coffin Dodgers might not be the most serious racing game on the block, but it is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a retirement racing adventure unlike any other, don your favorite quirky hat, hop onto your customized mobility scooter, and join the residents of Sunny Pines in their quest to give the Grim Reaper the proverbial middle finger. It’s a race for the ages and guaranteed to keep you young at heart.

Joystick rating 3.7/5


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