Call of Duty Fans Aren’t Happy About Rick Grimes Skin


The Rick Grimes skin featured in Modern Warfare 3’s recent crossover with The Walking Dead leaves many players disappointed.

One of the newest skins to come to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is The Walking Dead‘s protagonist Rick Grimes, and some fans aren’t happy with the crossover, even though it comes as an instant reward – (a FREEBIE) along with several other free skins available to unlock on purchasing the latest Battle Pass for as little as 1100 COD Points. There have been many major properties featured in Modern Warfare 3, but the new Rick Grimes skin has let down some players who have tried to play the character.

After several high-profile crossover events in Modern Warfare 3, the game’s Walking Dead tie-in arrives just in time for the long-running series’ newest spin-off, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live. Although it’s surprising that the Walking Dead crossover will be featured in a Modern Warfare 3 season that lacks Zombies content, it’s still a fun way for both Modern Warfare 3 fans and The Walking Dead fans to experience some iconic characters in a new light. However, some fans who were excited to experience playing Modern Warfare 3 as Rick Grimes have been left disappointed by the character’s skin.

Call of Duty’s Walking Dead Crossover is Poorly Timed

Call of Duty has been ramping up its crossovers in recent months, but its latest Walking Dead one seems to have been timed a little poorly.

Why Some Fans Are Unhappy With The Rick Grimes Skin

There have been several instances where Modern Warfare players have been disappointed, but one of the main critiques coming from some fans is the voice acting for the Rick Grimes skin. A Reddit user known as ShadowOpsFN shared a brief clip of Rick Grimes voicing some lines, claiming that the voice sounds nothing like the actual Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead.

Who tf did they get to voice Rick ?
by inModernWarfareIII

ShadowOpsFN’s post has generated some debate about whether the voice actor for the Rick Grimes skin is actually Andrew Lincoln or not, the actor responsible for the character’s portrayal in The Walking Dead. Some fans believe the voice acting sounds fine, while others have suggested the lines this skin features sound off-putting and forced. As a major draw of Modern Warfare 3‘s newest season, some fans have expressed their frustration that they were looking forward to hearing Rick Grimes’ voice during matches, but are now wanting to avoid the skin altogether.

This isn’t the first time a skin has generated controversy among fans. Not long ago, there was dissatisfaction from many players with Modern Warfare 3‘s Gaia skin, and this disappointment continues with Rick Grimes and his voice. For many who have watched The Walking Dead, it’s understandable why one would think the voice of the skin wasn’t Andrew Lincoln. With so many players excited about hearing some of their favorite lines from The Walking Dead spoken in-game, it’s easy to understand the frustration of these fans.

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  1. I cannot believe players are complaining about a instant unlock after unlocking this seasons battle pass. If you don’t like the skin, I’m sure there are plenty of other free skins available to use.


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