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A small but very important update has been released today for Call of Duty Black Ops 4 on Xbox One.

The new patch is available to download now and targets one massive issue that has been causing problems on the Xbox One X.

Players reported problems with Blackout Mode on Xbox One X before the start of 2019.

This included issues with the end of matches, which left players being kicked from games.

Losing a game in Call of Duty multiplayer is annoying enough but is even worse when it is through a lost connection in Blackout.

Reaching the final circle can be tough enough as it is without the added issues of being booted from a game you’re doing well in.

For everyone else involved, it probably makes for a nice win.

Early reports suggested that the new Xbox One X patch had created frame rate issues, however, fans are now reporting the game running smoothly again.

No patch notes are expected for today’s Black Ops 4 update, with Treyarch posting a short message on what it was being used for.

“We’ve released a patch on Xbox One to address intermittent freezing issues during late-game play in Blackout on Xbox One X. Thanks for your patience!” the Treyarch message reads,

More patches and updates are expected in the coming weeks, with more news expected from the development team.

The game’s latest expansion – Operation Absolute Zero – is currently the most up to date version of the game.

The paid for Black Ops Pass also received their first content drop, including two new Multiplayer maps, a new Blackout Character (Reaper), and a new Zombies experience featuring a celebrity cast.

Elevation is a medium-sized map set in a cliffside town in the mountains of Nepal, offering a diverse mix of combat in tight alleys, close-quarter interiors and lots of verticality in the inclined streets. Madagascar is a larger map set in a rural town full of natural environments that provide great flanking routes for intense firefights centered around a medical-relief convoy that has been ambushed.

And for our Zombies fans, the new experience is called Dead of the Night – an undead adventure set in the early 1900s where players are dropped into a lavish mansion estate where they’ll step into the role of a new set of characters armed with new weapons to fight a mysterious force that has taken over the party. Fans will encounter new variety of Zombies, along with enemies such as vampires and werewolves, to survive the nightmarish evening.

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