BitSummit announces games lineup for 2024 showcase


Here’s all the games set to feature in the latest BitSummit expo.

Organizers for the Japan-based indie game expo BitSummit have announced the full video games lineup for the show, revealing an array of quirky, intriguing, and experimental titles that could be the next big thing. BitSummit has always elevated niche games, with a focus on highlighting projects from smaller teams, and cool ideas you don’t usually see in more mainstream gaming showcases.

This year’s BitSummit – which is subtitled ‘Drift’ – is no exception. When the show kicks off at Miyako Messe in Kyoto on 19 July 2024, attendees will be able to play an array of titles featuring chicken cops, warring sushi, pen-stealing aliens, and adorable cats.

There’s too many games announced to dive into all of them, but there’s certainly some key standouts. In Chicken Police: Into the HIVE!, you’ll uncover a “complex, world-scale conspiracy” while in the shoes of Sonny and Marty, two literal chicken detectives.

Sushi Battle Rambunctiously is another game worth highlighting. In this physics-based multiplayer game, you’ll embody a living sushi, and then grab and throw items to knock out your rivals. Another deeply compelling physics-based game set to appear at BitSummit is Exhausted Man – a body-controlling simulator where you must guide wiggly, limp humans through their day.

With completely opposite vibes, there’s also Gloomy Juncture. This is a point-and-click noir adventure game inspired by neo-noir films and psychological drama, as well as the works of Alfred Hitchcock and David Lynch. The game looks very stylish and moody, and features a novel 2D/3D art style.

No Case Should Remain Unsolved is also set to appear at BitSummit. This is a detective point-and-click adventure focussed on the disappearance of a young girl, and the memories tied to her case.

Beyond these highlights, there’s also plenty of other games set to be featured, including: Botany Manor, C-Smash VRS New Dimension, Kusan: City of Wolves, Demonschool, and more. What’s most exciting about BitSummit is finding new games – so even if you don’t see any titles you recognise, you should still leave yourself open to finding new love.

Those able to attend BitSummit Drift in person can learn more about the expo on the BitSummit website.

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By Leah J. Williams 3 July 2024


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