Battlefield 5’s custom “Community Games” servers go live tomorrow •


“This feature has something for everyone.”

Community Games – DICE’s own term for custom servers – will go live in Battlefield 5 tomorrow, Monday 9th December, 2019.

In a recent community update, DICE confirmed players will be able to launch 16, 32, and 64-player servers with the map and mode of your choosing, including time-limited modes that are presently “out of rotation” (that said, Grind and Fortress won’t be available, as these “are technically built as variants of existing modes” and therefore won’t be available in Community Games yet).

“Community Games are specifically designed for players who want to create a more personal experience in Battlefield V,” wrote community manager, Jeff Braddock. “Whether you are a content creator that wants their own space to create great stories, or you simply want to create a playlist of your favourite maps for you and your friends, this feature has something for everyone.”

As well as “protect[ing] your experience with a password”, server admins can kick and ban to help you “build a happy community of players”.

However, DICE also admitted it had to “rescope this feature” and amend “what is included in the first release of Community Games”, but says the team will be “back in the New Year with more information on the continued work of Community Games”. It also noted that password-protected servers will not feature any form of progression, and while all other servers will allow Soldier progression, Tides of War activities and Chapter Rank XP will sadly not be earnable through Community Games.

As for what’s still to come? DICE includes a lengthy list of what won’t be available, which includes custom names, descriptions, friendly-fire, regenerative health, or even control what classes are available.

For the full details, head on over to the Battlefield 5 forums.

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